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This week we begin the Faith of Our Fathers articles. Enjoy!

Originally Posted By: Bryon | Date: 2007

The twelve-fingered giant was mentioned on a Redemption card in 1995, in the reference of the 6/6 purple brigade hero Jonathan.  Twelve years later, the twelve-fingered giant finally has his own card.

The Philistines were a thorn in the side of Israel for many years, but were chiefly antagonistic during the reigns of King Saul and King David.  The books of II Samuel and I Chronicles tell of some battles against the Philistines.  A few of the Philistine warriors are named, but others, including this character, are not.  In both books this Philistine is described as a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.  He is also called a descendant of Rapha, which identifies him as a giant.

The battle involving this giant happened in Gath, Goliath’s hometown.  This giant taunted Israel, just as Goliath had done.  But just as David defeated Goliath, so David’s nephew Jonathan defeated the Twelve-Fingered Giant.

Let’s study the parts of the card:

Tin number (in the lower left corner): VI
Sometimes called the “Black & White Tin,” this tin contains two Philistine evil characters (including this one), two Philistine enhancements, and 1 Philistine site.

Brigade:  Black
Philistines are congregating in this brigade, which makes for some better playability for the culture.  However, since Philistines also have one character in each of several other brigades, it is helpful to have the Ashdod site, so that they can use each others’ enhancements.

Stats: 6/12
Besides the obvious numerical relationship to his finger count, the twelve-fingered Giant gives black its first evil character with a twelve for toughness.  When blocking with this character, negates and interrupts will be very useful.  He makes Foolish Advice a little more difficult to overcome.  Devourer, Joseph in Prison, and especially the new black brigade negate in Faith of Our Fathers will make defeating this giant a challenge.  At the same time, his strength stat is low enough that you won’t give your opponent initiative to play too many enhancements before you get a turn to play one.  For more fun, use the Ashdod site and include Old Testament negates from other brigades.  Midianite Attack and others may find their way into new Philistine defenses.

Special Ability: Negate all banding abilities. Cannot be negated.
This is the opposite of what most Philistine giants do in Redemption.  While this evil character cannot join in battle with the other Philistine giants (because he’d negate the banding ability), he does give Philistines an option against massive hero banding, even against banding with Captain of the Host (either version) or a hero with a prevent or negate ability.  So, if you can defeat the band of heroes with your own band of Philistines, go for it.  If not, block with this giant and fight one-on-one.
An interesting note about the three word sentence that ends the special ability: the same sentence ends all four black brigade cards in the Faith of Our Fathers set.  While their special abilities themselves might not win your game for you, their reliability is certainly helpful.

Warrior Class: yes
This giant can hold weapons.  So, if this giant holds Goliath’s Spear, he will be a 14/22 that negates all banding.

Philistines will probably be revisited in another article in the coming weeks.   In the meantime, be courageous like Jonathan, and remember that even a taunting, twelve-fingered giant will not defeat a lone hero with great faith.

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