Articles Written By: Keith B

About Keith B

Keith started playing redemption after his cousin gave him a starter deck for his birthday! He then met Doug Gray and became a part of their redemption playgroup at the youth group. From there he took on three National titles before going to college. When he went to college he worked on a bachelors of science in ancient biblical languages and then he continued that education and started working on a Masters degree in the same field. Due to life situations, his masters agree is temporarily on hold. He's looking to finish that hopefully someday here soon. He thoroughly enjoys theology and games and he looks forward to all that redemption has to offer both gamers and the kingdom of God.

Building Your Core

After teaching new players at Alive this year, I have had many ask me what cards every collection should have. This is a tricky answer for many reasons: I am a very competitive person and tend to only care about things that win. Essentially, I can only have fun if my opponent is miserable! MUAHAHA!

My First Team Event

My Redemption hiatus started with college and ended when this adult wanted to be “like a kid again!” I had so many fond memories of Redemption: going to Alive with Doug, playing Chris Bany at Nationals, but most importantly doing all of this with my cousin: Aaron Williams. He tricked me into playing this game at his birthday party! He spent countless hours helping me refine and test play decks. On our drive to Minnesota, he was helping build my ten decks (yes that’s right, I ruined deck registration for everyone – sorry), so I could rip Haman’s Plot every round if need be. He has truly been an “Aaron” to me.