Lost Soul selection is a critical part of deck-building…so let’s tackle this question: “OT or NT Lost Souls – Which is Better?”

Lost Souls with Old or New Testament Bible references have been around for as long as the game has, but in recent sets special abilities and identifiers have divided them into clear OT/NT synergies. You can still choose to “splash” together OT & NT LSs, but doing so restricts you from fully utilizing some of the most powerful Lost Souls in the game.

Let’s start by looking at Lost Souls which specify a Testament to be fully utilized.

Old Testament-Specific Lost Souls
Covet (soul gen)
Hunter (tutoring)
Blind (offense boost)

New Testament-Specific Lost Souls
Beggar (defense boost)
Escape (tutoring)
Imitate (copy ability)

Next let’s look at the best other LSs (not including strategy-specialized ones like the Deck Discard) in each testament, and what benefit they provide. Note – one of the very best LSs in the game, Humble, is dual Testament.

Wanderer (soul manipulation)
Hopper (soul gen)
Vindicated (defense boost, offense boost)
Darkness (defense boost)
Wicked (defense boost)
Prosperity (speed)
CBP (defense boost)
Punisher (defense boost)
Orphans (offense boost)
Exiles (defense boost, offense boost)

Awake (soul gen, tutoring)
Lawless (defense boost, offense boost, speed, soul gen)
Dull (defense boost)
Revealer (soul gen)
Open Hand (defense boost, offense boost)
Forsaken (defense boost, offense boost)
Destruction (defense boost, offense boost)
Crowds (defense boost, offense boost)

It seems that NT Lost Souls have the edge because of their versatility for offense and defense, although I would say that it’s close. With each OT set in the current arc I expect that OT will get better and better. For instance, in Prophecies of Christ Phase 1, the Orphans Lost Soul is fantastic! The Exiles LS is also powerful in its versatility and the ability to add any OT artifact from your reserve to your hand. It’s just that, in my opinion, the Imitate Lost Soul is particularly the difference maker for NT in the debate between OT vs. NT – it is extremely dynamic, especially as it can be tutored with both the Awake and Escape. Repeating the ImitateLawless combo each turn is simply awesome!

What do you all think? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Lost Souls: OT vs. NT

  1. Nathan Levorson

    You forgot the classic Lost soul that negates everyone else! Sure, it might inhibit both players, but it can also turn off some really annoying ones so more focus can be put on the battle itself.

  2. Jesse

    Yes, the FBTN Lost Soul is a New Testament one, and strong for sure! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Justin

    Although it seems to be pretty rare that people use this option these days, the Lawless LS can potentially be LS gen if you choose to risk targeting your opponent’s deck.

    1. Gabe

      Great point, Justin! I usually target myself to gain the extra evil card but just yesterday in a multi-player game one of my opponent’s was getting “soul droughted” and used it to generate a lost soul to rescue.

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