Hello everyone,

So when I found out that I was going to be hosting the 25th anniversary of the National Redemption Tournament, I was super excited and honored to be able to do so. Once I had a few moments, I started thinking about what we could do to make this tournament super special. There have been suggestions on making this tournament a week long and maybe even trying out “rotation” type categories, and while those are nice options, I wasn’t sure how many people would actually be willing to travel for a full week instead of just a few days. Plus, most people’s brains are pretty fried by the time the National Tournament is over, and adding days and events would only make that worse. So, what could I do???

Well upon brainstorming a little more, I came up with this idea. The only problem was nobody had done it before and I also didn’t want to necessarily set up a precedent that others might not be able to follow. But what if I could talk to Rob Anderson and convince him this is the way we needed to go for this tournament since it is a big deal?

Well upon my conversation with Rob, not only did he think it was a good idea, he expanded on it past where I thought we would be willing to go! So now I have to come up with a way to make this work, so let me share it with you!

If enough money can be raised before the start of the National tournament, then I am super excited to announce that the entire tournament can be free! Rob has given me permission to make everything from entry fees to meal plans completely free for that 2019 National Tournament. So basically, I can’t help you financially get to the tournament, but as long as you can get there, you won’t have to worry about entry fees or meals! But again, I do have to raise money ahead of time, so here is the current plan: I will be selling complete sets as well as pre-orders for the Prophecies of Christ Phase 2. I had actually come to a place in my personal collection where I was dwindling down, so I will have one of every complete set up for sale and will have a handful of products that I will also be able to build sets from as well.

As this is something that has never been done before, we are still unsure of the exact amount of money we have to raise in order to make this project work completely. So either way, I will be having incentives along the way that we hit to make sure I’m able to give back to this awesome community either way! While these can be (slightly) subject to change, and the amounts to hit the next level are not close to being equal, this gives us a little “goal list” for us to hit, as follows:

– Free entry for open categories for everyone 17 years and younger or has never been to a National Tournament before.

– Free entry for open categories (for everyone).

– Free meal plan (This will include Breakfast and Lunch)

– Free entry fee for closed categories for everyone 17 years and younger or has never been to a National Tournament before.

– Free entry fee for closed categories (for everyone).

Depending on the response, I would love to include a free dinner for everyone as well, but that obviously is more food and preferably “better” food than what we will be having for breakfast and lunch.

So with all of this being said, I again am starting to raise funds by selling Redemption sets as I have them or can build them. If you have other suggestions for how this community can raise funds to support this, please let me know! We are hoping that doing this will allow people with younger groups or newer players no reason to miss this milestone tournament! Please see this post on the Cactus Game Design Message Boards to see products that are available for purchase!


Chris Fachman

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