Ever had that situation come up in a game where you say to yourself, “Man, I wish there was against the rules!”? Well, The New Rulebook is here to help! Former T1-2P champ Zac Cornell shares this clever and funny hypothetical addendum to the current Redemption rules – which is your favorite?

Ugg, this will take forever – For each player who has more Evil Characters than Heroes in their deck, add 30 minutes to the game timer (I’m looking at you, Job/Watchful Servant!)

What?!? A site deck!?! – When playing against a deck using more than 3 Sites, you may search your collection for a Site access card and play it

Nice combo – Whenever a player plays a combo that hasn’t been seen in mainstream competitive play for over 5 years (Hur + Gifts, Trembling Demon + Holy of Holies, etc.), they may draw a card for each card in the combo

Hurry up! – If your opponent completes 3 turns in a row that take over 3 minutes each, you only need to rescue 4 Lost Souls

Just ban him already – If a player uses Samuel, AutO, and Throne in the same deck, you may search your collection for any number of 2/3-Liner Lost Souls and add them to your Land of Bondage

Wait, is this Booster Draft? – If a player uses a card that hasn’t been seen in mainstream competitive play for over 10 years, that card becomes “cannot be negated”

The “Can I play, please?” Clause – If you’ve lost 4 battles without playing an enhancement in battle, restrict your opponent from using chump blocks (Uzzah, Fire Foxes, etc.) and Choose the Blocker abilities for the remainder of the game

You drew how many cards? – If your opponent reaches the 16 card hand limit, you may search your collection for a copy of Mayhem or A New Beginning Dominant and play it (Regardless of errata or Unity)

The “I can’t afford TSC” Clause – If your opponent plays The Second Coming and you don’t own a copy of it, you may search your deck for the New Jerusalem dominant

The Buzz Lightyear Clause – If a player has more than 3 cards from Angel Wars in play, you may play sticky notes over their ugly artwork

Save QUEQue can be rescued as a Lost Soul, regardless of where he is in play

The Multi Clause – If you begin playing a multi-player game of Redemption, you may choose to not do that and play something less luck based (such as the lottery)

The Plot Rippers – If a player rips a Haman’s Plot, you may rip 3 of their cards whose total value is the same as Haman’s Plot’s

Cool Merch – You may have an extra 3 cards in your deck for each piece of Redemption merch you are wearing, regardless of Lost Soul limit. (There is no Redemption underwear out there, so don’t even try that one)

The “No one actually knows how to play this game” Clause – If the Judge has to call over another Judge, or check the message boards, to answer a ruling question, add 10 minutes to the game timer

R.I.P. Liner – You may have any number of 2/3-Liner Lost Souls cards in your deck and count them as no-ability Lost Souls

No RESERVEations – If you are playing without a Reserve, all “search Reserve” abilities can target your deck

The Gabe/Alstad Clause – When playing against a multi-time National Champion, your losses/wins are worth 1 more point in a tournament

JUDGE – If a player has to call over a judge more than twice in a game, both players may restart the game using starter decks. (The player who didn’t call over the Judge chooses which deck they use)

Buckler: Still the Best Card in the Game – If you play the original Buckler card, you win! (But only if both players get the reference)


Put in the comments if you have any other Rules to add to The New Rulebook. Thanks and Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: None of these rules are official and it’s not my fault if you try and pass them off as real rules and get in trouble)

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4 thoughts on “The New Rulebook

  1. Sunglasses

    Nostalgia clause: if your cards have no special ability, but they’ve been reprinted with special abilities in a later set, copy the special abilities of the new cards regardless if they are in play (or in the current game).

  2. Bobbert

    As a proud member of the SQF I strongly support the “Save QUE” rule and am curious why it is not in the current rulebook.

    Sunglasses, maybe that rule should be called “Straw for our Bricks” 8)

  3. SignoftheStar

    I ADORE the “No One Actually Knows How to Play This Game” clause.

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