The REG 5.1.0 came out yesterday with all the updates related to the Fall of Man. Unless you’re among the few dedicated fans who have read it from cover to cover, you probably didn’t notice an interesting new entry in the glossary – Token. What is a token you ask? And what cards utilize tokens? That’s what I’m going to tell you about today!

The REG glossary entry says “A token is a generic representation of a card type. A token is treated like any other card of that type. If a token would be moved to a hand, deck, discard pile, banish pile or Reserve, it ceases to exist.” Tokens are a pretty common mechanic in a lot of games, but for the sake of those who aren’t familiar with tokens let’s break this down.

A token can be any object such as an eraser, a coin, an action figure, your car key, etc. For game purposes, it will represent a specific card type with attributes that are associated with the chosen card type. For example, a Hero token will need to be generic or unique, human, symbolic or angel, have a brigade, a testament and/or book reference and numeric stats. I fully expect there to be some really cool looking player created tokens in the form of custom cards. Just imagine the possibilities!

While it’s in play a token will function like every other card of the type it represents. But if a token leaves play it goes away entirely. We can’t have tokens in the deck, discard pile, a players hand or even the banish pile.

Many of you are still thinking to yourself, “that’s great, I get how tokens are supposed to work, but there aren’t any cards that create tokens”. And you’d be correct. But our second seasonal promo, Majestic Heavens, will be the card that introduces us to this new mechanic!

As a three brigade Site, Majestic Heavens is limited to one per deck, even in Type 2. It has a “cost/benefit” ability that really plays out as all “benefit” for its controller. You get to hide a Lost Soul in the Site, making it more difficult to rescue. When you do you get some really broad reserve access, limited only by the testament of the Lost Soul. But the best part might be the Lost Soul generation in the form of a token!

Let’s give a huge THANK YOU to Travis at Three Lions Gaming for providing the amazing art for this card! Be sure to attend or host a local or district tournament in the months of August, September and October to get your copy of Majestic Heavens!

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