At Nationals 2017 participants received an all-new promo The Tabernacle for each event in which they participated. Maybe you couldn’t attend Nationals. Maybe you want a copy to trade or sell. Maybe you’d like to build a Type 2 deck that utilizes the amazing recursion of this good Fortress. Whatever your desire, now is your chance to get a free copy!!!

How Do I Get My Free Tabernacle Promo?

Cactus Game Design has provided a limited number of Tabernacle promos to Land of Redemption to help promote the game! Everyone who submits two or more pieces of content to Land of Redemption between now and September 30th will be provided an address to send an S.A.S.E. I’ll use those to send you your free Tabernacle promo protected in a hard plastic top loader.

What is Meant by “Two Pieces of Content”?

The content you provide for Land of Redemption can be in the form of a written piece, audio or video. The options are as open as your imagination allows! Content can include a review, strategy, gameplay advice, an analysis, tournament report, a resource you’ve created for the community, how to instructions or theme decks. Those are only a few examples. I’m sure our creative community can come up with other excellent ideas too!

Written content should usually be between 500-2000 words. That’s only a guide though. There are things that can be more or less but it depends entirely on the topic.

Audio and video content should be clear, easily understood without excessive amounts of background noise or long pauses. It should be a minimum of 5 minutes in length.

How Do I Submit My Content

We offer a number of online ways for you to submit your content to us. Start by emailing our team at landofredemption[at]gmail[dot]com.

We look forward to seeing how this will kick start the community contributions!

To buy singles, sealed product, and other gaming supplies mentioned, please visit Three Lions Gaming!


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Last Modified: June 14, 2018

5 thoughts on “Get Your Free The Tabernacle Promo!!!

  1. Jesse

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for this opportunity! Not only will we get the amazing promo, but we’ll also get to enjoy and learn from lots of new Redemption content from the community!

  2. Joshua Knitt

    I was thinking of doing some LoR stuff awhile back but never really had time to do it. If we didn’t already have like 6 Tabernacles I’d probably jump on it now that my daily writing will soon be drawing to a close. Now, if it was, say, a FoM UR or a Whirlwind/Everlasting Ground promo, I may yet be swayed… 😉

    Either way, good incentive for those that do not have the Tabernacle yet or may need an extra! I for one do take the time to read many of the articles on here when I can, and I would like to see some more regular content come back again in some small way. Thanks for doing this and props to all who keep the LoR going!

  3. Phillip

    This is awesome! I have a few instructional videos planned that I can send you guys the links to post once I finally get them finished!

  4. Aaron McClary

    Do you still have any of these available?!

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