Come one, come all to the greatest gathering of Redemption champions the world has ever known! From sea to shining sea; from the great north to the deep south; you are summoned to make your way to the 2018 Redemption National Tournament in Houston (Tomball), Texas; August 2nd through 4th, 2018. Many speculations have been made about this year’s gathering but we declare with a mighty shout and great faith that the Texas National Tournament will stand in the annals of time as the largest Redemption tournament ever hosted!

Sam Houston once said (mostly), “Texas will lift its head and stand for Nationals. It ought to do so, for no state upon the globe can compare with it in natural advantages.”

Sam Houston once said (again, mostly), “For Texas, a wise and prudent administration in the commencement of her national tournament will be universally expected, imposing upon us the difficult and delicate task of setting in complete and successful operation an event based upon principles so hazardously asserted and so gloriously maintained.”

Sam Houston also once said (once again, mostly), “We view ourselves on the eve of battle. We are nerved for the conquest and must conquer or perish. It is vain to look for present aid: None is at hand except for the new Fall of Man set. We must now act or abandon all hope!”

So, what say you?! Will you rise to the challenge? Whether new to the battle or a seasoned veteran, make ready your deck and reserve. Sleeve your cards in uniform and unmarked sleeves. Shuffle well and then wait for the call that will go out to all who are ready for battle…YOU MAY BEGIN!



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