Creation Love at First Sight (LAFS) Redux

In this article Chad provides a retrospective on the Creation LAFS deck build that caused much buzz during the 2021 tournament season. Read for a summary of his experiences piloting the deck to a 5th place finish in T1-2P at the 2021 Redemption National Tournament and thoughts on why the LAFS saga turned out as it did.

Redemption with Jayden – Hope Y’all Know How to Swim

This week’s video is the caboose of the top tier “series” on Redemption with Jayden, which was sort of interrupted by some (I guess top tier) combo decks. While this deck may not necessarily be considered top tier by everyone in the current meta, I do think it’s fairly good, pretty fun, and certainly would have made the list a year ago.

A Sneak Peek at GoC: Silver and Gray

Excited for the upcoming new Redemption set: The Gospel of Christ (GoC)? Well check out this sneak peek at the Silver and Gray brigades in GoC. This is the fifth in a six part series giving an introduction to this upcoming set. Be sure to stay tuned for the final article in this series next week!

Redemption with Jayden – How to Deck Out in 20 Minutes… On Turn 1

This week’s video features a deck that I’ve been wanting to share with y’all for awhile, but Lackey doesn’t lend itself very well to this particular deck and I would’ve much rather debuted the deck at Nationals than at an online tournament or something smaller like that. But, alas, someone else discovered it and now the world knows so here we are.

A Sneak Peek at GoC: Purple and Evil Gold

Excited for the upcoming new Redemption set: The Gospel of Christ (GoC)? Well check out this sneak peek at the Purple and Evil Gold brigades in GoC. This is the fourth in a six part series giving an introduction to this upcoming set. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the articles in this series!

A Sneak Peek at GoC: Good Gold and Crimson

Excited for the upcoming new Redemption set: The Gospel of Christ (GoC)? Well check out this sneak peek at the Good Gold and Crimson brigades in GoC. This is the third in a six part series giving an introduction to this upcoming set. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the articles in this series!

Redemption with Jayden – The Angel Party Don’t Stop

This week is a continuation of the “top tier” series, but it’s probably not a deck that too many people expected to see in this series. I’m sure that this exact build isn’t the best version of the deck at this point (it’s 52 cards for starters), but the strategy has been around for awhile and I definitely think there’s still some viability in it, maybe enough for *silver* medal? Cuz yeah, we havin’ us an angel party.

A Sneak Peek at GoC: Clay and Black

Excited for the upcoming new Redemption set: The Gospel of Christ (GoC)? Well check out this sneak peek at the Clay and Black brigades in GoC. This is the second in a six part series giving an introduction to this upcoming set. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the articles in this series!

What to Expect from The Gospel of Christ!

Excited for the upcoming new Redemption set: The Gospel of Christ (GoC)? Well check out this sneak peek on what to expect from this fascinating expansion to our game. This is the first in a six part series giving an introduction to this upcoming set. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the articles in this series!

Redemption with Jayden – May Online Tournament

The May online tournament was pretty well attended for an online tournament and I’m excited to get to share the gameplay with y’all. I ran my Postexilic deck with a few revisions, all of which became relevant at some point during the tournament so I’m pretty happy with that.

Redemption with Jayden – Nats/GoC Spoiler Review

This week on Redemption with Jayden we’re taking a break from gameplay to take a look at what the game is going to look like in the future as we anticipate the release of Gospel of Christ later this year! In this video I’ll talk a bit about the National Tournament coming up in August and some of the Promos for it that we’ve seen so far, I’ll have a brief note about box openings on my channel, and then I’ll go over each of the GoC spoiler snippets that we’ve seen thus far and speculate a bit on each of them. Unfortunately I don’t have any new spoilers for you at this point past what has been shared with the public yet, but maybe I’ll be able to sweet talk my way into that at some point…

Redemption with Jayden – Fight or Site

This week on Redemption with Jayden we’re trying out a type of deck that hasn’t been seen much in the meta lately because some of the most popular cards in the meta (namely Joshua, the Conqueror) just make it kinda hard to pull off. You guessed it (or you read the title of the link you clicked on)–Site Lock!

Redemption with Jayden – Tutorial Part 3

This week on Redemption with Jayden, we’re adding to the Tutorials on the channel with a Part 3 on learning how to play Redemption. Throughout the video, I mention a couple things that I haven’t gone over in the first tutorial videos like Cities and Star cards, and then I also play a Sealed Deck game with Justin “The Guardian” Alstad.

CtheTree’s Take On…Daniel Deck!

Due to encouragement from the community Land of Redemption editor Chad has decided to post his series on deck building to LoR that he is doing on the forums. This week enjoy this article on his take on Daniel Deck!

Brigade Basics: White and Purple

We are pleased to present a revision of an LoR classic: the Brigade Basics series by Zac Cornell! This series now includes cards from Prophecies of Christ and Lineage of Christ. We are starting with the good brigades. This week white and purple will be covered.

Redemption with Jayden – Postexilic Powerhouse

There’s a new Contender Deck out there for y’all and, let me tell ya, it’s a good one. After all the hype and love I’ve shown for the Postexilic offense during the last few months, I’ve finally finished a Contender version of the deck for Your Turn Games and it’s now available for purchase.

Brigade Basics: Blue and Green

We are pleased to present a revision of an LoR classic: the Brigade Basics series by Zac Cornell! This series now includes cards from Prophecies of Christ and Lineage of Christ. We are starting with the good brigades. This week blue and green will be covered.

Brigade Basics: Good Gold and Red

We are pleased to present a revision of an LoR classic: the Brigade Basics series by Zac Cornell! This series now includes cards from Prophecies of Christ and Lineage of Christ. We are starting with the good brigades. This week good gold and red will be covered.

Redemption With Jayden – Livestream Recap

The second livestream on Redemption with Jayden was last week and it was certainly a lot of fun. If you weren’t able to join us, that’s alright, the video is still available via the link below and now you’ll have some additional content that wasn’t available at the time because, as you can see below, our decklists and personal summaries for the decks, game, and the draft are now available!

Redemption with Jayden – Online Tournament Game

The last online tournament of 2020 is wrapped up and was a lot of fun. After the rescheduling, we were still able to get up to 8 players in T1-2P and 2 players in LoC Only. This time around I wanted to try something new and unsuspected, so I brought back an older strategy to see if it had some potential in the current meta: Hand Control.

Redemption with Jayden – Giving Corinth a Shot

In this week’s video I try out a brand new Corinth deck where the main strategy is to use Titus Justus to protect my Corinth Heroes from most Evil Characters by decreasing their toughness. To make sure my Evil Characters stay safe though, I paired the offense with a standalone-type defense with beefy characters like King of Tyrus, Red Dragon, and Emperor Nero.

Redemption with Jayden: 24 Lil’ Gifts for Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve! This week’s video is a Lineage of Christ Super Pack unboxing. It was fun to try out since I usually just play games and discuss decks on my channel, so maybe I’ll do it more often as my wallet allows… Hope y’all enjoy and I’m certainly open to suggestions if there’s anything you guys wanna see!

Resource Management: Time

The late Steve Jobs once said, “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

Now it was easy enough for him to say that while he and his company, Apple Inc., spent their efforts having us reach into our wallets for the new iPhone every holiday season. And since his passing, Tim Cook, his replacement at Apple, has continued that trend of releasing high end electronics at the peak of shopping seasons. That would be to say they are capitalizing on time in a sense different from the aforementioned quote. But nonetheless it shows how time can be manipulated and used to gain an advantage, all while still being the single greatest resource each of us have.

Community Event: Christmas Card Swap

This year we are going to try doing a community wide card swap for the Christmas season. I had this idea pop in my head a few weeks back, and I think it could be really fun! Obviously, this will be better with the more participants we get, so spread the word and encourage your friends and playgroup members to participate.

Redemption Devotional Guide 2: Jehoshaphat, The Seeker

Jehoshaphat, like his father Asa, was a God-seeking king of Judah. He sought to please God in his choices and in his leadership. One of the coolest things about Jehoshaphat is how much he worked alongside others to seek God’s glory! This attribute is creatively reflected by his banding ability. Let’s find out how Jehoshaphat led the people around him to have faith in the one true God!

2020 National Promos!!!

What a year 2020 has been! It has been crazy everywhere including within our card game and community! For those who haven’t been keeping up it has even put a “wrinkle” in our National Tournament. Fortunately people didn’t quit and God lead us to a venue that will host our tournament this year. Details here:!!!/msg602819/?topicseen#new

Testing Daniel “All-In” (with Meek Lost Souls)

The leadership team has tossed around the idea of making a meek Daniel Lost Soul for a few years now, but always with the impression that it would make the Daniel deck too strong because of The Foretelling Angel (TFA). With the push to promote meek cards in LoC we decided this was the perfect time to test that theory.

Top Cut Savvy – “Staples”

Top Cut Savvy is a weekly podcast hosted and produced by John Earley and Josiah Beers. In today’s feature John and Josiah discuss staple dominants. They also talk about some crazy combos, and throw out a deck building challenge to the community.

The Rise of Ruth in T1

Ruth offenses have been a thing ever since the I/J starter deck was released. But they’ve never had the tools to compete at a high level, until now! Today we’ll will take a look at what makes a Ruth offense work in a Type 1 format that includes LoC.

The Future of Royalty in Type 1

In recent years “Throne” offenses have dominated the Type 1 scene. With the ban of the lynchpin Hero Samuel those decks took a rather large hit. But LoC gave royalty a lot of new tools! What will royalty offenses look like in 2020? Will they still be top tier?

Equipping Young Kids (Part 2)

In Equipping Young Kids (Part 1), I discussed a couple of ways to get kids involved in learning Redemption before they are able to read as well as a unique way to use half of a starter deck to get early readers started.  I also discussed using the other half of the same starter deck to play against them to help with card familiarity.  Whatever method you use, I cannot stress enough how important it is for the kids to get very familiar with their cards, and the game rules before making any changes to their decks.  I have seen too many kids wanting to make changes to their decks immediately, only to add enhancements that they don’t have any characters to play them on.  I firmly believe this will be less likely if you spend more time helping them to learn the basics in a way similar to the recommendations in Part 1.

Redemption News – February 2020

When can we get our hands on Lineage of Christ cards? Do we get new State and Regional promos this year? Are two Redemption “pros” about to drop some serious knowledge on the community? Are there still any LoC cards that haven’t been revealed? Learn about all of this and more in today’s news update!

The “Meek” Experience – LoC Constructed

An offense that focuses on using all meek Heroes might be the strongest offense in LoC. It certainly provides the most depth and variety of any LoC offense since you can build a meek offense around any of the 4 main brigades or blend Heroes from all the eras to use the “best of the best”.

King Me – LoC Constructed

The very first LoC play test deck I built was kings of Judah. I was really excited by the prospect of meek Lost Souls actually being viable. This started as a type 1 deck but since most of the content was LoC it easily converted to a LoC constructed deck.

The Musical Chariot – Part 1: Deck Build

As a full-time student, I don’t often have the time or funds to keep up with the latest sets, so I play and build decks with a limited and aging collection. A few weeks ago I was building a new deck in my spare time when I realized I had used all my decent cards in my first few decks and all I had remaining in my collection were cards that made the I & J starter decks look like national tournament winners. I paused my deck construction and hopped on my computer to view card images of the last few sets to try to catch up and familiarize myself with them, when I stumbled across the Prophecies of Christ dominant “Chariot of Fire”. Immediately my eyes lit up at the foreign sight of a good dominant that wasn’t SoG, AoTL or GoyS, and I started thinking about the fun I could have with this card. 

Harvest Time! – LoC Constructed

The third Lineage of Christ constructed deck I’m sharing with you was easily one of my favorites. Ever since the I/J starter deck I’ve enjoyed the small Ruth theme. For years now I looked forward to this set and our opportunity to expand the depth of the good Ruth cards.

Hawkeyes – LoC Constructed

For this second installment of Lineage of Christ constructed we’re going to take a look at the all new postexilic theme paired with a defense that packs a lot of raw power – Philistines.

One of the strengths of postexilic Heroes is the “toolbox” of negates they have verses all evil brigades except orange. No matter what color of defense you’re facing you can find a postexilic Hero that will negate humans of that brigade – Zadok, Eliakim, Shealtiel, Jacob, Matthan and Azor.

Battle of Brothers – LoC Constructed

Lineage of Christ constructed was a fun format to test. It was an accessible way to test interactions within the set itself since we wanted things to function well for booster draft. Obviously drafting isn’t nearly as easy to do but we did several tests drafts as well.

The Genesis Heroes have the most depth of any of the good themes in LoC. It’s possible to build 3 entirely different offenses with Genesis Heroes without using any duplicates!

Do You Feel Like an Outsider?

Let me start today’s article with a couple of questions that might seem like they are completely different.  Do you ever feel like you are an outsider and unloved because of that? Someone who doesn’t belong to something?  Or even worse: you feel like someone who doesn’t belong anywhere? That feeling could be because of where you were born or how you were raised or that could be because of how you feel about yourself and the things you have done.  The second question seems VERY different, but I need to ask it. Do you feel that you don’t understand God from one Testament to another, or that He changes a bit? People I’ve talked to say that the God of the Old Testament is one of wrath, fury and vengeance, while the one in the New Testament, portrayed through Jesus, is one of grace, love and compassion.

When Good Cards Turn Bad

King David set the bar really high for what a God fearing king should be like. He was commended as being “a man after God’s own heart” and given the promise that he would have a descendant on the throne forever! Unfortunately most of his descendants did not follow in his footsteps.

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

We have so much to be thankful for this year! None of us have to look very far to find dozens of reasons to praise God for all the blessings around us. He gives generously to the saint and sinner alike. At the Land of Redemption, we’re thankful for all of the excitement Redemption fans have generated for the soon-to-be largest Redemption set ever released – Lineage of Christ!

Pruning to Promote Growth

Gardeners prune their plants to produce a better crop. Arborists prune trees to promote healthy growth. If you’re part of God’s family, He prunes you to make you more like his Son. Pruning can be uncomfortable, sometimes quite painful, but pruning is part of promoting good health. Redemption is not exempt.

What’s in a Name?

I am super excited to bring you my first article written about new cards and a new set!  I had the privilege of being allowed to help shape part of the upcoming set, which I will talk about in a few moments.  Luckily for me it was actually about something that I had been taught about and even studied on my own some. One thing that was taught to me long before I became a youth minister and started truly studying on my own was “If there is something written down in the Bible, it has meaning.  Sometimes you have to go digging to find it, but there is ALWAYS a reason it is there.”

Introducing The Lineage of Christ

Abraham was the father of Isaac, who was the father of Jacob, who…

Wait, I lost you already, didn’t I? Most people don’t consider genealogies the most interesting part of the Bible. In fact, I bet a lot of you skip through those lists of names when you’re reading. They may not be exciting to read but God put them there for a reason!

Hopefully you’re familiar with “Mathew’s Begats”. Maybe from a Christmas tradition during the time of year we focus on the birth of Christ, or from a Bible study or a Sunday School lesson. My favorite encounter with that passage of scripture is a fun song by Andrew Peterson. Now that you too have a fun way to think of that genealogy I’ll share a secret with you – our new set this year is based off of the Lineage of Christ!

Hidden Throne

Justin shares a report of his and his brother Jayden’s 2019 National Tournament TEAMS-winning experience – including their full decklists!

Nationals 2019 Incentives

In 2016 Cactus Game Design began offering some new incentives for people attending the National tournament. The tradition continues this year with some exciting new twists to help us celebrate a milestone 25th Redemption National Tournament!


John returns to discuss the near-complete Prophecies of Christ (phase 2) set, as well as to share another set previews!


Today, 2018 T2-2P champ Tyler Stevens shares his story of winning Nationals and making his player-created card!

Fantastic Females!

Did you know that only two Books in the Bible are named for females? We’ll be spending some time in Ruth next year, but this year we get to explore the Book of Esther.