Due to the nature of previewing cards before the playtesting process is complete, there are bound to be many changes from the time the new cards are originally previewed to the time they are finalized. The purpose of this post is to show the images in their final form compared to their most recent previewed versions found Here (4/18/2018). All final FoM images can also be found in their Land of Redemption Imgur album here.
Note: final images are “99.9% done” 😉

Previewed Images Final Images

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10 thoughts on “The Fall of Man Is complete…

  1. Stephen Bosher

    Don’t like the 3 wives looks being changed, actually liked the older version. Noticed the curse cards new look, interesting. God bless y’all

    1. Gabe

      Someone pointed out that at least one of the wives appeared to be a depiction of an actress. My sources tell me we cannot use her resemblance so we had to search out new art. Since we wanted all 3 to have a similar look they were all updated.

      1. YeshuaIsLord

        No chances this is gettingchangef, right?

  2. Jonathan Gomez

    Totally a fan of the smaller icons now after seeing the cards side by side. Great job guys. I can’t wait to start playing with these cards!

  3. Jesse

    The set looks amazing! Great changes on Jehu (preventing AoG shenanigans) and Rubble and Dust (since Flood Survivors and Job are going to be among the strongest offenses).

  4. Reth

    Thanks guys for all your hard word, patience, dedication and involvement of the community!

    Really an amazing job and I can’t hardly wait to get my hands on these new cards! (Even though I like the bigger sized TC icons and the centered view of them and the weapon class ones – but likings differ [as we say here :)]).

  5. RC777

    Some final prints suggestions:

    The Fall of Man and Forbidden Fruit:

    Thinking the SA should say ” Convert a male and a female human hero”

    Forbidden Fruit:

    SA should say “Convert all human heroes in battle”

    Reason being is cards like leading others astray crimson and Falling away (cloud) all say “convert a human hero” along with other cards as well.

    And players do not have to remember the “non-humans can not be converted” rule as much.

    Rubble and Dust: Don’t think we need a 2nd “or” in the Special ability as the commas and last “or” represent the same thing.

    1. RC777

      after thinking about it some more it seems like we could leave the convert abilities the way they are.

      As for the rubble and dust still think there should be only one “or” word in the special ability.

      1. Gabe

        Thank you for your feedback and suggestions! We have a couple “linguists” on our team who I lean on heavily for things like the wording on R&D. Sometimes we all miss stuff and it can be extremely helpful to hear suggestions like yours. In this instance they tell me R&D is worded the way it needs to be. But please don’t hesitate to offer feedback in the future. People like you who are willing to speak up and help us find our oversights help take the new cards to the next level!

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