Now, you may have thought when you saw the title of this article that I was going to rant on about how much people argue and complain about new cards when they are previewed. I am not. As a matter of fact, something that I really appreciate about the Redemption CCG is that the playtesters, card designers, and even the owner of the company listens and responds to feedback. Instead, I am going to spend the next few sentences introducing potentially the most negative block of cards in the entire Fall of Man set… via a short devotional thought for today.

Since the fall of man in Genesis 3, shame has been a persistent side effect of sin. When we sin, and we feel guilty for that sin, and so our shame can begin to materialize in many forms. We can become angry, even to the point of allowing that anger to give birth to violence. This is illustrated by King Jehu who went on a bloodthirsty rampage. Shame can also lead us to a place of hopelessness. When we are hopeless, we tend to give in to our sin more easily because we feel like there is no point in trying to resist sin. At that point we find ourselves lingering in sin which can produce disastrous results. An example of lingering in and returning to sin can be seen in the simple choice of Orpah to return to her previous life. Finally, shame can cause us to deceive others and ourselves. If we are deceived consistently, we begin to think that those who love and care for us are out to get us. The story of David paints a picture of someone who was deceived by the attractiveness of sin and the sense of control that sin presents. The beauty of God’s love stands in stark contrast to our choices to follow our own ways. God loves you so much that he wants to redeem you through sacrifice and free you from the wrath and vengeance of punishment for your sin. How can that happen? It happens through the blood of God’s son Jesus when you acknowledge your sinfulness, recognize Jesus as God’s son, and put on Christ in baptism. Only then can you walk in newness of life and experience the Redemption through God’s grace.

One side note about negative number cards: What happens when a negative numbered card is tossed? From the REG, “The opposing character is decreased X/X, where X is the strength of the discarded Enhancement at face value. The decrease is instant.” What that means is that you will decrease by a negative number which results in an increase.

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3 thoughts on “Negativity Throughout the Fall of Man Release

  1. isaaciniowa

    Haha, nice title, you got me! Love Lingering in Sodom and Samson’s Vengeance! I’m surprised that deceit and vengeance will be printed like that. still feels too powerful to me…

    1. Jayden Alstad

      It’s not quite as good as AoC and you can only have up to two in a Type 2 deck so it’s not really as bad (or good, I guess) as it seems.

  2. Jesse

    Thanks for the great devo, as well as more spoilers!

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