Everyone saw Children of Light and thought.. Wow, what a cool card! But did everyone realize how powerful Children of Light could truly become? Especially in T1?

Let’s look back on the days of The Early Church release! Ahh wow so many cool Fruits of the Spirit! The Holy Spirit can search for the Fruits and now we have a new way to convert Saul to Paul with Love! Many tried and sadly many failed. It was simply not fast enough and with too much setup the “Voltron” deck did not see many, if any, competitive wins.

Fast forward to The Persecuted Church. New huge bands with Soldier of God, Christian SoldierPaladin, and Saint of Virtue. The T2 only in 2016 was sprawling with Armor of God decks loaded with the full Armor of God and some Fruits of the Spirit with The Holy Spirit to make mega warriors of God! Sadly, even these seemed to somehow fall short of the Glory of the Lord and did not place top 3.

Immediately after the T2 Only in 2016 Cloud of Witnesses is released and Moses came to Judge the people ultimately winning T1-2P with the legendary Because of Moses deck piloted by Gabe Isbell!

Now, here we are, living in 2017 with the Revelations of John! The Children of Light have been set free to run from Kony and experience Coney Island with all of the Coney’s they could eat!

Feast your eyes on a fully equipped Children of Light!

Click here to see a game with Children of Light fully loaded!

The beauty of the Coney deck is that it can deck out by turn 2 because you have so many placed enhancements that when you get to Children of Light (by I am Creator, Soldier of God, Angel of the Winds, The Great White Throne, or any other creative ways you can come up with) you wind up drawing into more and more placed enhancements to continue on your path to a fully Fruitful and Armored Children of Light!

Depending on whether you choose the Cloud of Witnesses Sword of the Spirit or the Persecuted Church Sword of the Spirit you are looking at around 15-16 offense once fully armored and the Children of Light has become CBN (*editors note: once it reactivates in battle) with a +7 to offense thanks to Joy. Love is protecting your Peter in territory, and Lay Down Your Life can be a great alternative to a lucky Stone of Thebez.

Eternal Inheritance and Christ’s Triumph are two phenomenal enhancements to include in this offense because if they do so happen to have a big CBN band or character such as Red Dragon or Emperor Claudius who are protected from Children of Light you may play an Eternal Inheritance over their shoulder for a free rescue, then discard Christ’s Triumph to immediately make a new rescue attempt after your battle challenge from Eternal Inheritance completes.

Did I forget to mention that Children of Light are generic?? That’s right, they can enter battle multiple times per turn with Christ’s Triumph!! And you can recur Christ’s Triumph with A Soldier’s Prayer! I’m enjoying using Cloud of Witnesses for Faith of Joshua which is a 7/0 enhancement for numbers or toss with Peace, which also conveniently can search out Ram’s Horn (which even though is printed as an Exodus reference is actually a Joshua scripture).

Ram’s Horn makes the Children of Light‘s placed Armor and Fruits all CBN if you have it up the phase you place all of your Armor and Fruits. This pretty much makes a near invincible character in a deck that has the capability of decking out turn 2 or 3 relatively consistently.

Your Children of Light are protected 2 ways from every brigade with Kindness and the full Armor. 2 ways from the new Falling Away thanks to Helmet of Salvation and Faithfulness. Two ways from Christian Martyr thanks to Helmet of Salvation and Gentelness. Protected from Grapes, souls are protected by the Helmet. Enhancements of less than 6 toughness are prevented. Six of their evil brigades characters are negated. Hand and deck are protected by Self Control. They can’t use end the battle abilities thanks to Goodness and you can negate an evil card in their territory (maybe a curse or their protect fortress?) And the list of perks goes on and on. Site access with Shoes of Peace, which also provides soul gen. Belt of Truth allows you to immediate pick up a recurred Faith of Joshua. Imagine all of this protection being CBI thanks to Ram’s Horn!!

Overall Coney is feeding the Children of Light everything they need to be free from Kony and rescue more souls than ever with the full armor and all of the fruits of the spirit! Love protects Peter so you have constant healing. Typically when you deck out turn 2 your hand is full of dominants. Many people have thought this deck was simply a joke, but it has a serious shot at winning Nationals!!

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6 thoughts on “Kony/Coney – The Blinding Children of Light!

  1. Benjamin Campbell

    I’ve been waiting for this article, as this deck just didn’t make any sense to me. Thanks so much for the write up, very interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing how it does at nationals.

  2. Brian Jones

    Its chances have went down now that its been all the rage lately. Might of been better to surprise people with it. :p

  3. Nathan Levorson

    Cool deck! I’d like to know though, why is it called Kony/Coney?

    1. John David Cunningham

      Being in a dark place and coming into the light as we are fed by the Holy Spirit 🙂 Powerful message behind this deck build concept

  4. John David Cunningham

    Kony = Joseph Kony/satan/stealer of children
    Coney = fruit of the spirit
    Coney Island = living spirit lead, fed, and protected

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