Rob Anderson just announced the 2017 set information on the Redemption CCG Facebook!

We will no longer be referring to the 2017 set as “Move Over Bacon”, the code name we’ve been using for a few months now. We can begin using the official set title Revelation of John!

The mid-May release of Revelation of John will contain 129 new and refreshed cards. There will be 90 common cards, 36 rare cards and 3 Ultra-rare cards. As the title implies, the set is heavily based on the book of Revelation!

The set is in the final stages of development. While the cards are not yet final, we have several that we feel are ready to preview for the public! Stay tuned to Land of Redemption!

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8 thoughts on “New Set Announcement!

  1. ironisaac

    WOOHOO!!! i can’t wait for a locust from the pit that doesn’t suck!

  2. Megamanlan

    YES! Holding out tons of hope for some good mono-Angel support! Maybe even Revelation Angels as its own theme!

  3. Jesse

    Super excited for this new set based on one of my favorite Books of the Bible!!

  4. John David Cunningham

    The long awaited Revelation set has made it!

  5. Joey Elliott

    This is going to be awesome! Could we possibly be getting new seals and trumpets?

    1. Gabe Post author

      Maybe new ones… maybe we found a way to make the old ones more useful… we’ll all know soon!

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