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Today we have the preview article for the 3rd Edition Starter Decks (E/F). Enjoy!

Originally Posted By: Bryon | Date: 2004

If winning Redemption games requires you to defeat evil characters, how could peace be of any help?  A couple of “peaceful” Third Edition enhancements may prove that peace has a place in Redemption.

The Dove carrying an olive branch signaled to Noah the receding of the flood waters which had destroyed the evil people on earth.  Now, the dove has become a symbol of peace.  The Shoes of Peace keep Christians from stumbling as they take the Gospel to the lost.

In Third Edition, these “peaceful” things become enhancements with this subtle power:  “Opponent must discard an evil card from hand or battle.”

Dove and Shoes of Peace are more helpful than they may appear.  Usually, an opponent will discard an enhancement they would have used in battle.  Sometimes, the opponent will choose to discard an evil character from hand.  If the only evil card in hand or battle is the blocking evil character, then your opponent will have to discard it.

If you own a copy of Third Heaven, rejoice!  Third Heaven, Dove, and Shoes of Peace will keep your opponent’s evil cards out of battle.  Then they can return to do it again with Jubilee.  Jubilee allows you to search your discard pile for a blue brigade enhancement and put it in your hand.  This can retrieve Dove or Third Heaven and will take yet another card from an opponent’s defense.

Here is a sample good side using these cards:

The Power of Peace
Designed for 2-player
(* denotes Third Edition card)

Bartholomew (Nathaniel)
King Joash
Mary Magdalene

Gabriel (Warriors or Kings)

Book of Jashar
Jacob’s Rods
*Sign of the Rainbow
Third Heaven
Trapped in Cleverness

*Shoes of Peace (3rd Ed)

Covenant of Noah
Crown of Thorns
Holy Grail
Three Nails

The offensive strategy is to remove evil cards before they are played against you.  In the preparation phase, activate the artifact that will keep your opponent from being able to block. Crown of Thorns discards the little evil characters designed for initiative, Holy Grail can convert two big human evil characters, and Three Nails keeps the demons from blocking.

During each rescue attempt, make an opponent get rid of as many evil cards as possible. Jacob’s Rods and Sign of the Rainbow are good ways to clear away evil enhancements in battle so that Dove and Shoes of Peace can have maximum usefulness.  If you have Stillness, don’t hesitate to make a rescue attempt.  Play Dove, Shoes of Peace, and/or Third Heaven, and if you are still losing the battle, play Stillness to take those enhancements back into your hand.  Your opponent will lose many evil cards that way.

If you can’t make a rescue attempt, make a battle challenge with Gabriel and discard an evil enhancement from your opponent’s draw deck.  Keep Jephthah in your hand until the time is right, then make a battle challenge with Jephthah and discard a couple evil characters.  If your opponent accepts your battle challenge, remember that Shoes of Peace can be used by any hero.

This offense should be paired with a Gray, Crimson, or Pale Green defense that removes cards from an opponent’s hand.  That way your opponent’s hand stays really small – limiting your opponent’s options and increasing the likelihood that your rescue attempt will result in a peaceful stroll to the Land of Redemption.

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