I don’t normally play T2-MP at Nationals. Partially because it’s usually paired with booster draft, a format I really enjoy, and partially because of the nature of multi-player events. It’s a grueling format with long games and (usually) multiple tempo swings. You really have to prepare yourself mentally to go into that kind of event. But having a perfect 90 RNRS points after Regionals I had to give it a try.


Normally I DO NOT advocate building a new deck right before a tournament. However, I had built a T2-MP deck prior to States and won with it. Then I did the same thing again before Regionals and won with that. The reason I believe I was able to get away with these last minute builds is 1) because I already knew the decks I was building fairly well and 2) T2-MP can be a somewhat forgiving format if you know what you’re doing. There are so many different strategies and counters available you can’t possibly prepare for them all.

To be consistent I decided to build a new deck for T2-MP at Nationals, the night before the tournament. I’d already decided what I wanted to build – I Samuel Throne offense with a Philistine defense. The deck was fast and probably pretty good, but it didn’t mess with my opponents the way my prior decks did.

I still had the “Hurpocrisy” deck together that I used at Regionals so I checked in both decks. One concern about using the “Hurpocrisy” deck is that if anyone was playing Nazareth it could really shut down my main strategy – A New Beginning reset. I decided to use it to start, scout the field of 8 players during the first round or two and change decks if needed.

Round 1

I was paired with Justin, Jayden and Jesse. This was sure to be an epic game as all three of them are solid players. Then again, all 8 people playing T2-MP are experienced players so there will be no easy games today.

After three days and 19 games of Redemption things start to blur together. I’ll give some highlights but the round by round details escape me.

I believe all 4 players were using some form of crimson defense. Fortunately, nobody was using Nazareth. I believe this is one of the round that I played A New Beginning during the last round after time was called. The game ended with scores of 6-6-4-3 with Jayden and I tied for first, followed by Justin, then Jesse.

Round 2

Another game with other epic players – Jayden, Nathan and Tyler. Jayden went first and had a blazingly fast start! Nathan didn’t draw a Hero for the first several turns of the game. Tyler and I did what we could to keep up and soak up the souls so Jayden couldn’t take them all. By the second turn of the game Jayden’s territory was full of Heroes and Evil Characters.

Both Tyler and I had opportunities to try to set him back. Tyler’s hand was revealed to show he was holding Wrath of Satan so I attacked with Joseph (FF) and used Hidden Treasures to discard his other Wrath of Satan from his deck. Before he could block with a Philistine wearing holding Philistine Horses Jayden dropped Mayhem to save his Heroes.

The following turn I was holding Great Image so Tyler attacked me. I blocked with initiative so Jayden played Christian Martyr! He’d drawn so many cards he had the Dominants to counter everything we tried to get his dozen or more Heroes off the table.

Despite his commanding lead, it’s difficult to take on three players at once and the number of Dominants that can be used to slow you down. Tyler took advantage of the opportunity to catch up with Jayden and power through for 7. This was the only game I played all day that finished before time.

Round 3

I considered switching decks at this point but I was pretty sure nobody was using Nazareth. Both Jayden and Tyler were using I Samuel offenses and I really didn’t want to assist them by playing Heroes they can use so I stuck with the “Hurpocrisy” deck.

After not scoring any points in round 2 I was bumped to the bottom table. The thing is, in this tournament, the bottom table did not mean it was going to be easy. I’m facing Jesse, Nathan and Ron this round.

The souls were spread out pretty even early in the game. We reached a point where it was kind of a stand off so I played A New Beginning. The only Hero I got was Benaiah but he was good enough to win me a Lost Soul. But for the next several turns I don’t draw any other offense.

On my last turn before time I drew a prophet and played it to get my hand down. I’m tied for the lead so Jesse used Invoking Terror to underdeck one of my Heroes. Time is called so we each get one more turn. Nathan gets to 6, then Ron gets to 6 and underdecks my last Hero. I do not draw a Hero, leaving me a in unwinnable position. Fortunately, I have Mayhem!

Mayhem nets me a prophet and A New Beginning! I activate Hidden Treasures and play my second reset card after time had expired! This time I got Hur, Gifts of the Magi and Captain of the Host. I’m leaning toward digging with Hur to try to find my Son of God/The Second Coming. I put Hur down and turn up Gifts of the Magi. Someone plays a Christian Martyr or Falling Away on Hur to prevent a draw 7. That makes the decision easy – I rescue with Captain of the Host and join the leaders in a 3 way tie at 6.

Round 4

The final table is the “old guys” and Jayden, that is me, Ron and John. I got to play first and had a great start. I kept rescuing every turn and doing everything I could to suppress Jayden because he had a legitimate chance to pass me in total points for the event.

Ron is a little Hero lite, as is John so I got out to a quick lead. Eventually everyone started to catch me but the game had timed out. I ended with 5. Jayden and John were right behind me with 4 and Ron finished with 3.

Final Standings

When the dust settled Tyler took 1st, I placed second and Justin placed 3rd. That was easily enough to give me the RNRS points lead for the year in T2-MP as well.

The “Hurpocrisy” Deck

Total Cards – 100

Neutral Cards – 24

2          Gifts of the Magi
3          Hidden Treasures
2          Unholy Writ
2          Lost Soul (II Chronicles 28:13) (hopper)
2          Lost Soul (Jeremiah 3:25) (shame)
2          Lost Soul (Jeremiah 17:9) (punisher)
2          Lost Soul (Ezekiel 34:6) (wanderer)
1          Lost Soul (Luke 5:15) (crowds)
2          Lost Soul (II Timothy 2:26) (escape)
2          Lost Soul (Hebrews 4:13) (open hand)
2          Lost Soul (Hebrews 5:11) (dull)
1          Lost Soul (Hebrews 10:25) (forsaken)
1          Philosophy

 Good Cards – 38

1          Angel of the Lord
1          Guardian Of Your Souls
1          Son of God
1          The Second Coming
2          You Will Remain
1          Noah
1          Jacob (Israel)
1          Joseph (FF)
1          Nathan
3          Benaiah
1          Isaiah
2          Hur
1          Miriam
1          Nahum
1          Joel
2          Captain of the Host
4          The Strong Angel
1          Loaves and Fishes
1          Sword of the Spirit
1          Sing and Praise
2          Live Coal
4          A New Beginning
2          Two Bears
2          Search

Evil Cards – 38

1          Burial
1          Christian Martyr
1          Destruction of Nehushtan
1          Falling Away
1          Mayhem
1          Shipwreck
3          Captured Ark
1          Foreign Wives
2          Egyptian Rebel
2          Lions
1          Simon the Magician
1          The Serpent
1          Leviathan
1          Nebuchadnezzar
2          Sapphira
1          Esau, the Hunter
1          Red Dragon
1          Gomer
1          Nebushasban
1          King of Tyrus
1          The god of this World
1          Messenger of Satan
2          Midianite Attack
4          Hypocrisy
2          Dissension in Antioch
2          Nebuchadnezzar’s Pride
1          Great Image

In hindsight I might have been better off to have the FBTN Lost Soul instead of the Wander Lost Soul. The Crowds Lost Soul is something I kept finding myself having to work around so that I could Hur or A New Beginning other players. In the end I was able to work around it, but the efficiency of being able to exchange for the FBTN Lost Soul with the Escape Lost Soul will make that easier.

Jacob’s hand protection was extremely helpful in multiple games. Most of the other prophets could easily be switched for a different green prophet to suite your personal style.

People generally didn’t rescue against me unless I didn’t have defense or there were no other souls on the table allowing my defense was well prepared by the time I was attacked. There aren’t any changes that stand out to me with the defense.

If you’re thinking about trying T2-MP, this deck is pretty easy to assemble, fun to play and can really annoy your opponent’s if you’re into that. If you don’t like messing with other players then this deck probably isn’t for you.

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4 thoughts on “Nationals Report Part 2: Hurpocrisy (T2-MP)

  1. Justin A.

    Really like this build for MP. I had a “Hurpocrisy” 2P deck that I almost used at Regionals, but it was more focused on the Hypocrisy/Hur combo since I only had to worry about one other player. I also used a more Babylonian-based defense so that I could use the DAE Ezekiel cards to win battles with Hur. I do find it interesting that you did not include Coliseum even though your main offensive strategy is FBTN…were you anticipating most other decks would run Coliseum so you would not need to? Did you consider running Captain of the Host (K) to potentially get the negate/discard off Sword of the Spirit?

    1. Gabe Post author

      I strongly considered Coliseum. It was one of the last cuts I made to get the deck to 100 cards. In part I was relying on others having it or building their deck around its influence. I also knew I couldn’t rely on “set up cards” since my plan is to reset the board often.

      In T1 I like CotH (Ki) right now if I’m running Sword of the Spirit (CoW). In T2 I feel like there are a lot more evil weapons used and a smaller chance that the CotH + SotS combo with come up for more than just numbers.

  2. John David Cunningham

    this deck just seems so much fun lol the first cloud deck i built in t1 was like this ^^ shenanigans left and right! dat ANB doe!! ahahahah i would love to have seen the look on everyone’s faces when you played it. i love how in t2 you can just do things like this where you have 4 copies of some card and you can so intently play it hahahaha no csa or crimson rehoboam?? i love those side battles for the hur draws esp in t1 they pay off all day long. i secretly have made a hybrid deck which involves a lot of this but with an nt offense. i am positive in t2 it would be even better xD may have to be my next t2 deck!!

    1. Gabe Post author

      King Rehoboam (Ki) was in for Regionals but got cut for Nationals. I never found room for CSA mostly because the deck plays “Tyler style” (character heavy and enhancement light). I strongly considered using more fun Hur combos. In the end they require set up. The goal of this deck is to disrupt set up for all players and thrive after a reset.

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