Did you hear the news? As if Cloud of Witnesses isn’t awesome enough already, Cactus Game Design is going to release a more awesome looking version of the entire set!

To buy singles, sealed product, and other gaming supplies, please visit Three Lions Gaming!

7 thoughts on “Cloud of Witnesses Special Border Release

  1. Patrick

    I was kinda on the fence about going to Nationals, now I’m leaning towards going (just need the wife to finish pushing me onto the right side haha

    1. Gabe

      If you’re still on the fence, the announcement coming later this week should help you decide!

  2. Ironisaac

    What is the price for these new bordered cards?

    1. Justin A.

      As mentioned in the video, the packs will be $4 at Nationals. Singles prices will depend on the demand. It will be a limited edition print run so they will likely be more expensive, but it all depends on the demand.

  3. Rex Adams (Spacy32)

    We should use the new packs at nats for the booster draft

  4. Slugfencer

    Are these cards the same cow cards….just with no borders? Are there any that are functionally different? There were a few in early church like that.

    1. Scott

      As far as I am aware, they are all functionally the same as their regular CoW versions, just with shinier borders or full art.

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