Think back to the first time you ever attended a Redemption National Tournament. Your trip to the location may have been an epic tale of heroic struggle and fortitude or it may have been a short trip with little to remember. Either way, as you walked into the venue, you inevitably came to a registration table stacked with possibilities and promos. You paid your entry and then were handed your very first copy of the newest National promo. What did you want to do immediately? Right, put it into your deck immediately so you can show of your newest acquisition. But alas, your dreams were dashed at deck check-in.

Normally a National Promo is not legal for play in Official Tournaments until after the first National Tournament it is released. This year at Nationals, we will be conducting an experiment that could lead to opportunities to repeat it if all goes well. During this year’s National Tournament only (not a precedent for the coming years), the Noah’s Ark promo will be legal for play.

Why are we doing this now? Well, there are a couple reasons for the timing of this experiment. First, we have already spoiled the National Promo this year which is not usually done before the event. Since you know what to expect, you can now playtest with the card (via proxy). Secondly, the Flood Survivor theme from Cloud of Witnesses simply seems incomplete without having Noah’s Ark.

So in summary; you will be able to use the Noah’s Ark card in any of your Open Category decks. Since this is an experiment, we want every player to feel free to give us feedback about this change. We hope you will be joining us this year at the Redemption National Tournament in Franklin, Ohio; August 4th-6th.

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  1. John David Cunningham

    AWESOME!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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