Join John Early and I as we play out a game between two of our play test decks shortly before Cloud of Witnesses went to print. We explain our decks and walk you through some of our thinking as the game progresses.

You’ll get to see the “white cloud” deck John spoke about in his preview articles in action, as well as a powerful gold/red offense I was testing. Enjoy game 1 now! Check back later this week for game 2!

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7 thoughts on “High Level Play – #2 Game and Commentary (play testing Cloud of Witnesses)

  1. Jonathan Gomez

    In the video I saw bear get taken out by Jael’s Nail. If bears are genderless, how did that work? Jael’s nail “discard any male evil character in play”

    1. Josh

      This was a misplay. Genderless ECs are so rare in Redemption that misplays like this will be common with the new animals. Jael’s Nail hits about 90%+ of evil characters, so it’s easy to assume it will work when played. I’ve made similar mistakes, and I’m sure that will continue for me with the new CoW cards 🙂

      1. Justin A.

        Further to that point, even among the playtesters, there was uncertainty of whether Bear should be male or genderless. It was fairly late in the process that we finally decided to make Bear genderless so even we as playtesters will need some time to get used to that.

        1. Gabe Post author

          Josh and Justin are both correct. It was a misplay that neither John or I caught, even during editing. I forgot that Jael’s Nail only discards a male.

  2. Josh

    One other interesting note. Unless I am mistaken in the cards I saw, John’s Doeg was not going to be doing any auto-blocking… …Unless Gabe’s King Saul was in play as an EC 🙂

    1. Gabe Post author

      So true! John and I played other games that weren’t recorded. We both had Doeg and he was a real boss in some games. I’m a little disappointed that he never came on in the two games we recorded.

  3. Justin A.

    Something that I was surprised by was that on the turn John did not have any Heroes, he chose to convert one of Gabe’s ECs with Grail instead of converting Sapphira so he would have a Hero to rescue with. Granted I believe he had Disagreement over Mark in hand which is a very strong play on Sapphira, so that kinda supports keeping Sapphira an EC, but I felt like that was a missed opportunity to really put pressure on Gabe’s defense (as Gabe had already used CM and Wickedness of the Tenants).

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