This week in Resurrecting Old Treasures we’re looking at a literal Treasure: Hidden Treasures. The Early Church set has given this card more application. There are a number of cards that we printed that make this card very useful – chiefly Barnabas, Silas and Agabus – wait, sorry, we didn’t reprint him, maybe next year. It is very easy to splash these guys into a deck and take advantage of some pre-block goodies.


Clay has a number of Enhancements that are fun to play pre-block. The most powerful is Peter’s Sermon. The ability go through a protection Fortress to take out that pesky Evil Character you just can’t deal with has insane value. I played a deck earlier in the season that splashed Hidden Treasures just for that reason. I only had 1 green character in the deck (Barnabas) and only one Enhancement I really wanted to play, but when I got them all together, it did great things. Other good pre-block choices are Unity in Christ – who doesn’t love big bands? And Trapped in Cleverness – similar to Peter’s Sermon – there is very little evil protection from capture.

Another character frequently found in clay decks that can take advantage of Hidden Treasures is Paul – but more on him in next week’s segment. And these are just the clay only deck applications. You could easily add Barnabas and Silas to your green prophets deck that’s already running Hidden Treasures. You get two more characters that can use it, access to Barnabas’ powerful Lost Soul generation ability, something that green is lacking, as well as additional N.T. characters. You could choose to split your deck down the middle – half green/half clay with Barnabas and Silas bridging the gap. I’ve given you some seeds that you can work with, now go out and see if you can find more Hidden Treasures with these cards.

Happy Comboing!

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