Join John Early and I as we play out a game between two new decks featuring Persecuted Church. We explain our decks and walk you through some of our thinking as the game progresses. Our play isn’t perfect, which is part of what makes this a good teaching tool. But we promise that next time we won’t choose decks that are new to us and attempt to play when we’re exhausted. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “High Level Play – #1 Game and Commentary (with Persecuted Church)

  1. Travis

    What a great video. I especially like that even though you guys are both players of the highest order, you still make mistakes and learn from them. I appreciate you both putting this video together!

  2. Jordan Alstad

    I only noticed 1 issue, outside of the one that you guys caught: Roman Spear can only target humans, so John couldn’t take out The Serpent. Obviously it didn’t end up mattering, but it probably would have forced John to use Spear on Silly Women, and probably Angel on The Serpent before it got a chance to block.

    Anyway, nice commentary.

    1. Gabe Post author

      So funny that neither John or I caught that, even during editing. Looks like we still have some new cards to learn.

  3. Matthew

    Thank you so much for this! Videos like this are crucial to building up the Redemption community! You guys rock! Keep them coming!

  4. Joey Shivers

    Wow guys! What an awesome resource to show players of all levels. Zach Zeiss and I have dreamed of doing something like this forever but the set up and editing to do it right was just daunting… all that to simply say I can really appreciate the huge sacrifice of time and energy it takes to produce a video of this quality. Great work John and Gabe!!!

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