What is Redemption Island? It is the feeling that you have no one to play with, test with or commune with. Redemption happens to be like most games. It requires more than just you to play. This leads to issues for a lot of people who love to play Redemption. If you are not connected to a large play group, when can you play? Who can you play with? If you don’t have people around you to push you, how can you improve?

Redemption is not a game you pick up and dominate. It takes time, effort, commitment and people who can challenge your skills to help you improve. Many of the top players in the country have built play groups or they have family that they play with. For instance my successes in Redemption came from having a brother to play with all the time. Jerome and I have probably played thousands of games of Redemption. We both learned and grew with each other. Jerome was always a step ahead of me and it drove me to catch him. That in turn drove him to try and stay ahead of me. This competitive cycle made both of us better players and helped us quickly learn the card pool. I would be willing to say that the members of “Fortress Alstad” would express a similar scenario. For those of you who don’t know my brother and I and the Alstad family possess a lot of national titles between us. I believe those titles are a direct results of continuous playing and improving. It is difficult to stay at a competitive level in Redemption without people around you who help you tighten your deck and improve your abilities as a player.

Some of you may be wondering what this has to do with you, since you don’t have people to play with. I am here to tell you that your wish has come true. The Lackey CCG program now has a Redemption plug-in thanks to the efforts of Matt Brinkman (EmJayBee83 on the message boards).  This means that everyone in Redemption has access to play members of “Fortress Alstad”, the Beers Brothers, John Early, Jay Chambers, Mitch Rob Stew, Josh Hartz and many other top players in the country. You can also play with people around the country/continent who you may have met at a Nationals or other tournament. Many of the players you run into online also pair Lackey with Skype, making it easy to talk through battle phases and even to talk about deck strategies and advice.

Players have been hesitant to invest the time necessary to download and learn the Lackey program. I personally am so glad I that I did invest the time. It took me all of 15 minutes to figure out the majority of the functions available in Lackey. I am not tech savvy by any stretch of the imagination. For those of you that remember the Redemption Table Simulator, if you try Lackey I believe you will see the vast improvement that it is. Lackey has great functions like dragging multiple cards around to locations at one time, revealing any number of top or bottom cards from a deck, ability to retrieve removed cards and much, much more. One of the biggest knocks against Lackey is the deck building process. This has been greatly improved with the ability to use the filters based on anything from toughness, to identifiers, to brigades, to alignment.

LackeyCCG with Redemption plug-in is a huge blessing to community. I want to thank EmJayBee83 for his efforts and for opening this door up to those of us who would walk through it. Take sometime today to download Lackey and explore it. I believe after a short time you find yourself playing someone and learning more about the game.

You will find everything you need to download Lackey – here.

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