Excited for the upcoming new Redemption set: The Gospel of Christ (GoC)? Well check out this sneak peek at the Silver and Gray brigades in GoC. This is the fifth in a six part series giving an introduction to this upcoming set. Be sure to stay tuned for the final article in this series next week!

Spoilers ahead! Would you like to hear about the all new angels and whether gray will feature Pharisees or Romans? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you’d rather experience the first impression of opening a box of GoC and feeling those new cards in your hands, turn back now!

And There Appeared a Great Multitude…

Angels are easily one of the most loved Hero types, from kids to veterans, most of us have a special fondness for winged heavenly beings. Fortunately for us they are mentioned quite a few times in the Gospels, giving us a whole new class of angels to have fun with in GoC! They’re broken down into three distinct groups…

Nativity angels have received the all new Nativity identifier and appeared at some point during the nativity story in Luke 1-2 or Matthew 1-2. There we see a couple appearances from “Gabriel, Mouth of God” as well as a few others. One that is sure to be a hit is the multitude of angels represented by the angel token generating card “The Heavenly Host”!

The resurrection story also mentions a couple of angels. They’ll receive another new Hero identifier for GoC, “Empty Tomb”, which is given specifically to those that witnessed the empty tomb after Christ’s resurrection. You’ll find that the empty tomb angel “Comforting Cherubs” is useful both in territory and in battle.

The third group of angels also encompasses the previous two groups and is referred to as “Gospel angels” meaning the reference on the card is one of the four Gospels. While some of the angels, like “The Expatriator” and “Legion of Angels”, could work in any angel offense, you’ll find that the “Gospel angels” work best when they’re used together.

Even though silver’s strength lies in the characters, it’s getting some pretty nice enhancements to back them up. The new weapon “Sword of Light” reminds me of “Sword of the Spirit” from CoW because there are times you’ll want to hold it back to play it in battle first and other times you’ll want to equip it to use it right away. And the “Gathering of Angels” reprint will probably go directly into most angel offenses.

The Proselytizers:

No group of people in the new testament was more concerned about obtaining and holding onto their followers than the Pharisees. You’ll find that’s true of how they play out in GoC as well. Similar to Sadducees the “followers” will be represented in part by meek Lost Souls, similar to the groups of people the Pharisees kept from knowing the truth about God.

Pharisees want to have a lot of meek Lost Souls in play. Some, like “Callous Oppressors” and “The Expert Lawyer” will play a meek Lost Soul from your deck (increasing their followers) for a powerful benefit. “The Expert Lawyer” is also the Pharisees character that makes enhancements “regardless of protect abilities”.

When you block with “Doom Speakers” or the new “Proud Pharisee” reprint you’ll want to have a lot of meek Lost Souls in play to maximize their abilities.

The Pharisees also share a couple crossover characters with the Sadducees. “Brood of Vipers” is both black and gray and will help both themes clear problem good cards from an opponent’s territory allowing other Pharisees and Sadducees to do their dirty work.

“Distort the Truth” is a Pharisee related enhancement that goes from good to great if you have enough meek Lost Souls in play. “Strict Sabbath” will have players on both sides of the table thinking about using meek Lost Souls.

But Wait, There’s More!

This may conclude our look at the heavenly beings and the self righteous, but we still have two final brigades to examine! If you’d like to hear more specific information about white and orange and how they are used in GoC, be sure to check back soon!

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Last Modified: July 21, 2021

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