Excited for the upcoming new Redemption set: The Gospel of Christ (GoC)? Well check out this sneak peek at the Purple and Evil Gold brigades in GoC. This is the fourth in a six part series giving an introduction to this upcoming set. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the articles in this series!

Spoilers ahead! If you’d rather wait to find out about the new disciples and Herods in GoC until you open those shiny new cards, then turn back now! However, if you’d like a sneak peek behind the curtain at the thought process that went into creating our favorite game’s next expansion, then you’ve come to the right place!

Follow Me:

At the center of many of the Gospel stories are the twelve men that Jesus called to follow him. They are the tools which God used to continue to spread the Gospel after Jesus’ death, resurrection and subsequent ascension. A set titled “The Gospel of Christ” wouldn’t really be complete without a representation of his disciples! And these are not your classic disciples…

As you read through the Gospels you probably aren’t going to be struck by how amazing the guys are that Jesus chose to follow Him. In fact, you might even think they seemed rather unqualified at times! On their own, they really weren’t all that impressive. But with Jesus working through them they accomplished amazing things! 

As part of our design for disciples in GoC, you’ll find that almost every disciple has a powerful ability if you’re able to reveal a good dominant from hand, representing that their true power comes from God! If you can reveal a good Dominant you’ll get bonuses like “fight by the numbers”, toss an evil enhancement, protection and choose the blocker!

Eleven of the disciples (all except Judas) lived past Pentecost and have a clay side in addition to their purple side. A clay/purple disciple offense could be a force to be reckoned with after GoC! Both Peter and John also have green on one of their identities giving that brigade a little representation in GoC.

Just as the disciples rely on Christ (good dominants) for their strength, many of the good enhancements they use will receive a powerful bonus if you pair them with a good dominant reveal. There are a variety of awesome new purple bible icon cards! There are new ones like “The Lord’s Prayer”, new renditions of old favorites like “Sent Two by Two” and Legacy rares that fans will be happy to see like “My Lord and My God”. And who knows, we might even see the classic Authority of Christ!

Tyrannical Leaders:

None of the Herods were known for being nice guys. They ruled through tyranny and did as they pleased as long as they weren’t upsetting their Roman overlords. In GoC you’ll find that Herods terrorize opponent’s deck and Reserve while amassing power for themselves!

Herod defenses haven’t been top tier in the past. While there are a number of reasons for that, one is that they lacked initiative characters. In the new batch of Evil Characters that grant “regardless of protect abilities” to evil enhancements the Herods struck gold with the lowest stats on any character in the bunch – “Herod Antipas”!

Not only will GoC grant us cards for all 6 Herods in scripture, but they are supplemented by a strong support cast as well! “Herodians” were a group often found hanging out with Pharisees trying to stir up trouble for Jesus and his friends. The “Conspiring Herodians” could end up being one of the most playable “fools” to date, especially when paired with another “Herodians” in the set!

“Herodias” was the wife of two different Herods and the reason “John the Forerunner” was put in jail and eventually “Beheaded”. She’s going to be a real pain for anyone who would like to access cards from their reserve, especially when coupled with her daughter “Salome” who did the “Dance of Death” and can send problem cards to reserve before ducking out and letting a Herod do the heavy lifting!

As Romans, the Herods will have access to one of the most powerful Legacy rares in GoC, “Romans Destroy Jerusalem”! When facing Herods, players will need to be careful about how much of their offense they commit to the table or chance losing a lot of Heroes.

You’ll also want to be on the look out for enhancements like “Herod’s Banquet” that can bring a large number of Evil Character to the “party” and an all new twist on “Herod’s Treachery” that will leave you torn on whether or not to keep it around for a powerful benefit or discard it to help you win the battle. And since all Herods are warriors, we’d be remiss not to give them a weapon to equip. “Executioner’s Sword” pairs nicely with the RDJ Legacy Rare mentioned above!

But Wait, There’s More!

While this concludes the calling forth of Jesus’ disciples and tyranny of the Herods, we still have four more brigades to cover! If you’d like to hear more specific information about the remaining brigades and how they are used in GoC, be sure to check back soon!

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Last Modified: July 21, 2021

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