Excited for the upcoming new Redemption set: The Gospel of Christ (GoC)? Well check out this sneak peek at the Good Gold and Crimson brigades in GoC. This is the third in a six part series giving an introduction to this upcoming set. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the articles in this series!

Spoilers ahead! If you want your first impression of the good gold and crimson brigades in GoC to the shiny new cards you hold in your hand when you first open up new packs, then turn back now! However, if you’d like a sneak peek behind the curtain at the thought process that went into creating our favorite game’s next expansion, then you’ve come to the right place!

Encountering Christ:

In the past the N.T. gold brigade has been applied to some Heroes from the books of Luke and John. They’ve attempted to deck the opponent through a mutual draw mechanic (or sometimes forced draw). That’s never been all that effective because it’s generally a bad idea to give your opponent more cards. Well forget what you think you know about N.T. gold because it’s all about to change!

Throughout the Gospels we see that encountering Jesus transformed many people’s lives. In GoC the good gold brigade has transformed to the brigade for people that had a life changing encounter with Jesus or that Jesus mentioned in parables. That still includes many characters from Luke and John, but also characters such as “Faithful Servant” from Matthew or “Jarius” and his daughter from Mark!

To show the transforming power of the Gospel, good gold has the majority of the dual alignment cards in GoC, including 7 characters (five of which are gold/crimson)! You’ll find cards of people who encountered Jesus and had their life changed like “Zacheus, the Tax Collector/Repentant”, “The Repentant Thief” and a pair of Roman Centurions!

Good N.T. gold still wants to deplete your deck, but in a more effective way this time, by sending cards to the Reserve! Sure, you might have ways to get some of them back, but can you get them back fast enough to matter? Probably not unless you’re using the new artifact “Concealed Riches”. When you face the gold/crimson dual alignment enhancement “Ten Virgins” will you opt to reserve your top five cards or chance losing the battle and surrendering a Lost Soul? If your deck is protected you won’t even get a choice!

You’ll still find the Samaritan mini-theme in gold, including some past favorites, a new Samaritan Hero and “Samaritan Water Jar” reprint that will make you think twice about whether you want to discard it for an effect or keep it around for a powerful bonus. And while she isn’t a Samaritan, good gold also gains one of the most persistent Heroes of all time!

In case these powerful gold Heroes needed backup, your opponent’s will be blown away by enhancements such as “Amazing Faith”, “Talitha Kum!” the powerful “Submission to Christ”!

Thick As Thieves:

N.T. crimson has been a “catch all” for some time, housing characters like Judas, Sapphira, the heretics mini-theme, Egyptian Rebel, Doomed Conspirators (who sounds like it should have been a fool) and a smattering of animals. GoC is going to solidify crimson’s place in the N.T. with the addition of an all new theme – thieves!

As you can probably guess, thieves love to take cards, especially those that belong to others. And they all do it in fun and unique ways! Some, like “Plunderers” will plunder a discard pile. Others, like a crimson/orange reprint of “The Thief” might take a card directly from another player’s territory! “Ambushing Bandits” will steal from an opponent if they use a draw ability. Will anything be safe from the thieves?

Some thief related cards put the opponent in an impossible scenario where they are coerced into either giving you a card or facing a losing situation. One such card is the evil Fortress “Den of Thieves” which will ensure that you have the resources you need one way or another. But you’ll also encounter difficult decisions when facing a character like “Temple Thieves” or an evil enhancements like the appropriately named “Extortion”.

To help thieves be effective right from the start they have gotten some powerful new enhancements that other crimson themes won’t be able to use for the full benefit. Both “Left for Dead” and “Stealing” are territory class and will make an appearance in any thieves defense..

Of course there are also a few cards that represent one of the most infamous thieves in all of scripture, the greedy Judas Iscariot! Not only will you find Judas and some related enhancements, but also a “Thirty Pieces of Silver” reprint that will make for some fun back and forth games where players are taking cards from one another!

But Wait, There’s More!

While this concludes our encounter with good gold and stealing a peek at crimson, we still have six other brigades to cover! If you’d like to hear more specific information about the remaining brigades and how they are used in GoC, be sure to check back soon!

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Last Modified: July 21, 2021

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