This week is a continuation of the “top tier” series, but it’s probably not a deck that too many people expected to see in this series. I’m sure that this exact build isn’t the best version of the deck at this point (it’s 52 cards for starters), but the strategy has been around for awhile and I definitely think there’s still some viability in it, maybe enough for *silver* medal? Cuz yeah, we havin’ us an angel party.

The offense is nearly identical to the version Jeremy Chambers ran in 2018, but other than that version, I really haven’t seen a whole lot of it, so maybe it isn’t as good as I think it is, but it could also just be not as well known of a strategy since it hasn’t gotten a lot of support lately. I think one drawback of the deck relative to most other meta decks, is that it requires your opponent to block so you can get the party going and get set up. If your opponent chump blocks or just gives you a freebie, then they’re likely to just outpace you eventually if they’re also playing a meta deck. This is why you kinda have to slow them down and one card that I think does that fairly well, is the Accusers Lost Soul which negates O.T. humans in battle. Just about everyone is playing O.T. humans these days, and rightfully so, but if there’s a deck that can take advantage of that, then I think this is it. 

The game this week was against Simon Miller, who was running his classic Red/Black deck, which happens to be full of O.T. humans… But he also played a few niche tech cards that certainly made for an interesting game, so enjoy!

Deck: 52

1 Lost Soul “Accusers” (Ezra 4:6) (LoC)

1 Lost Soul “Darkness” (Job 30:26) (Promo)

1 Lost Soul (Jeremiah 28:6) (Exiles)

1 Lost Soul “Forsaken” (Hebrews 10:25) (CoW AB)

1 Lost Soul “Lawless” (Hebrews 12:8) (CoW AB)

1 Lost Soul (Hunter)

1 Lost Soul (Remant)

1 Chronicles of the Kings (LoC Plus)

1 Three Woes (RoJ AB)

1 Angel of the Lord (Promo 2018)

1 Son of God (Promo 2018)

1 The Second Coming (CoW AB)

1 Christian Martyr (2019) (Promo)

1 Falling Away

1 The Ends of the Earth (RoJ AB)

1 Patmos (RoJ AB)

1 Storehouse (Promo)

1 Sheol

1 Delivered

1 Gamaliel’s Speech

1 War in Heaven (RoJ AB)

1 Fifth Seal (Justice Seekers) (RoJ AB)

1 Book of the Covenant (PoC)

1 Endless Treasures

1 Four-Drachma Coin

1 Justin Martyr (RoJ AB)

1 Polycarp (RoJ AB)

1 Peter (EC)

1 Angel from the Sun (RoJ AB)

1 Angel of Revelation (RoJ AB)

1 Captain of the Host (Wa)

1 Michael, the Archangel (RoJ AB)

1 Servant Angel (RoJ AB)

1 The Angel of Might (RoJ AB)

1 The Angel Under the Oak

1 The Strong Angel (RoJ AB)

1 Wheel within a Wheel (FooF)

1 Angelic Guidance (I)

1 Everlasting Beings (RoJ AB)

1 The Second Seal

1 Entertaining Angels (CoW AB)

1 Damsel with Spirit of Divination (TxP)

1 King of Tyrus

1 Abaddon, the Destroyer (RoJ AB)

1 Red Dragon (RoJ AB)

1 The Fallen Star

1 The Deceiver (RoJ AB)

1 The Judean Mediums

1 The Wages of Sin (FoM)

1 Dragon’s Wrath (RoJ AB)

1 Blasphemies (RoJ AB)

1 Fearfulness (EC)


1 The Gates of Hell

1 Oath of Purity (LoC)

1 You Will Remain (CoW AB)

1 Lacking Prophecy

1 Flying Scroll (PoC)

1 John, the Apocalyptist (RoJ AB)

1 Blood of the Lamb (RoJ AB)

1 Word of Their Testimony (CoW AB)

1 Foreign Wives

1 Seven Sons of Sceva

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  1. Andy

    with rotation, what would you replace the ‘classic’ cards with

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