This week on Redemption with Jayden we’re taking a break from gameplay to take a look at what the game is going to look like in the future as we anticipate the release of Gospel of Christ later this year! In this video I’ll talk a bit about the National Tournament coming up in August and some of the Promos for it that we’ve seen so far, I’ll have a brief note about box openings on my channel, and then I’ll go over each of the GoC spoiler snippets that we’ve seen thus far and speculate a bit on each of them. Unfortunately I don’t have any new spoilers for you at this point past what has been shared with the public yet, but maybe I’ll be able to sweet talk my way into that at some point…

Also, between the recording and release of this video, we got to see (and figure out) a couple more National Tournament promos past what was included in the video, so I’ll mention those here. First we saw a little snippet of what was deduced to be the Lawless LS, so my thinking is that it will probably be the first place winner promo as we saw in 2019 with the Darkness LS. Roy said the full image of the card will be made available once the GoFundMe for Nats reaches $2k so check that out in the video description! The other card we got to see is the Top Cut Promo, a borderless Scattered, which will be given to each of the top 8 (maybe 16 if we have a ridiculously¬†high turnout??) players in T1-2P. It looks pretty sweet, so check it out in the Discord if you haven’t seen it already. Now go check out the rest of the spoilers below!

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