This week on Redemption with Jayden we’re trying out a type of deck that hasn’t been seen much in the meta lately because some of the most popular cards in the meta (namely Joshua, the Conqueror) just make it kinda hard to pull off. You guessed it (or you read the title of the link you clicked on)–Site Lock!

Site Lock has never been super popular and as far as I remember has never really been a top tier strategy, but if you can pull it off then it allows you to focus most of your gameplay on the offense because you don’t have to worry much about having to block. Putting Lost Souls in Sites means you might not have to fight, er, defend, I guess… In order for it to be effective though, you do have to figure out some ways to answer the occasional site access card and of course the very common plays like Joshua and The Ends of the Earth. The best and easiest answer to Ends is Shipwreck and the most effective answer to Joshua is to protect your Sites by using Caesarea Philippi. It does force you to use only New Testament Sites so you lose out on some nice options like Majestic Heavens and Treacherous Land, but you can run Fortress of Antonia which is pretty sweet if you build the deck in a way that gets a lot of value from it, so that’s what we’ve got here: N.T. warriors of all sorts.

As usual, I start out with a rundown of the deck and then take it for a spin, this time against BradG. It was a bit of a longer game which is to be expected with a Site deck (another reason it’s not really top tier material), but I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think of the deck!

Lost Souls:

1 Lost Soul “Accusers” (Ezra 4:6) (LoC)

1 Lost Soul (Covet)

1 Lost Soul (Jeremiah 28:6) (Exiles)

1 Lost Soul “Humble” (James 4:6/Proverbs 3:34) (RoJ AB)

1 Lost Soul (Hunter)

1 Lost Soul (Prosperity)

1 Lost Soul (Remant)

1 Lost Soul Psalm 1:4 (Site Doubler)


1 Chronicles of the Kings (LoC Plus)

1 Three Woes (RoJ AB)

1 Angel of the Lord (Promo 2018)

1 Guardian Of Your Souls (RoJ AB)

1 Son of God (Promo 2018)

1 The Second Coming (CoW AB)

1 Falling Away

1 Shipwreck (Promo)


1 New Jerusalem (Bride of Christ) (RoJ AB)

1 The Ends of the Earth (RoJ AB)

1 Patmos (RoJ AB)

1 Babylon (The Harlot) (RoJ AB)

1 Nero’s Realm

1 Herod’s Dungeon (TxP)


1 Book of the Covenant (PoC)

1 Endless Treasures


1 Storehouse (Promo)

1 Herod’s Praetorium

1 Sheol

Dual Alignment Enhancements:

1 Delivered

1 Fourth Bowl of Wrath (RoJ AB)

1 Fifth Seal (Justice Seekers) (RoJ AB)

1 War in Heaven (RoJ AB)


1 Priests of Christ (RoJ AB)

1 John, the Apocalyptist (RoJ AB)

1 Angels of Wrath (RoJ AB)

1 Michael, the Archangel (RoJ AB)

1 One of Seven (RoJ AB)

1 Servant Angel (RoJ AB)

1 The Angel of Might (RoJ AB)

1 The Angelic Army (RoJ AB)

1 The Strong Angel (RoJ AB)

Good Enhancements:

1 Reverence and Awe (CoW AB)

1 Day of Fury (RoJ AB)

1 Angelic Guidance (I)

1 Everlasting Beings (RoJ AB)

Evil Characters:

1 Kings of The Earth (RoJ AB)

1 Four Squads of Four (EC)

1 Herod Agrippa I (EC)

1 Herod Agrippa II (TxP)

1 Herod the Great (Di)

1 Abaddon, the Destroyer (RoJ AB)

1 Red Dragon (RoJ AB)

1 Emperor Nero (Promo)

Evil Enhancements:

1 Herod’s Treachery

1 Foreign Horses (LoC)

1 The Wages of Sin (FoM)

1 Beheaded

1 Herod’s Sword


1 Caesarea Philippi

1 Fortress of Antonia (EC)

1 Seventh Bowl of Wrath (RoJ AB)

1 Covenant with Abraham (PoC)

1 Oath of Purity (LoC)

1 You Will Remain (CoW AB)

1 Polycarp (RoJ AB)

1 The Gates of Hell

1 Covenant with Death (FooF)

1 Flying Scroll (PoC)

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