This week on Redemption with Jayden we take a Priests/Judean Royalty deck out against Chad Frantz and his post-ignore change Zebulun build. This deck utilizes most of the best cards that require meek Lost Soul unity to get some payoffs that hopefully outweigh the benefits of Lost Soul abilities.

To make the most of it though, we also try to shut down the opponent’s Lost Souls with Moses, Amon, All the Curses, and even Jeremiah’s star ability from time to time. Since the defense focuses on kings of Judah, Solomon’s Temple becomes a really strong support card for the defense as long as we have some teal cards to chuck when needed, so I decided to pair it with a Priests offense that isn’t very fast, but compensates with a multitude of strong attacking options and Urim and Thummim to look at the opponent’s hand and make the best choice. The offense is a slight offshoot from Kevinthedude’s “#JetPriest”, which took him to 2nd place in T1-2P at Nationals 2019.

Deck List

8 Lost Soul (Daniel 9:10) (Promo)

1 Chronicles of the Kings (LoC Plus)

1 Three Woes (RoJ AB)

1 Angel of the Lord (J)

1 Glory of the Lord (Promo)

1 Son of God (Promo 2018)

1 The Second Coming (CoW AB)

1 Christian Martyr (2019) (Promo)

1 Led Astray (LoC)

1 Solomon’s Temple (RoA)

1 Storehouse (Promo)

1 Gates of Jerusalem

1 High Places (LoC)

1 Sheol

1 Book of the Covenant (PoC)

1 Endless Treasures

1 Urim and Thummim (PoC)

1 Flying Scroll (PoC)

1 Solomon, the Wise / Solomon, the Idolater (LoC)

1 Delivered

1 Melchizedek (CoW AB)

1 Moses (Promo)

1 Ezra, Favored by God (LoC)

1 Jeremiah, Hope Bringer

1 Zadok (PoC)

1 Captive Priest

1 Dutiful Priest (CoW AB)

1 Eleazar, Son of Aaron (PC)

1 Joshua the High Priest (PoC)

1 Phinehas, son of Eleazar

1 Offering Your Son

1 Royal Parade (LoC)

1 The Emmaus Road

1 Jordan Interrupted (PoC)

1 Pentecost (FoM)

1 Gifts and Offerings (CoW AB)

1 Zadok Annoints Solomon

1 Zeal for the Lord

1 Ahaz, the Unfaithful (LoC)

1 Ahaziah, the Wicked (LoC)

1 Amon, the Forsaken (LoC)

1 Athaliah, Usurper Queen (LoC)

1 Queen Maacah (LoC)

1 Rehoboam, the Divider (LoC)

1 The Deceiver (RoJ AB)

1 Scattered

1 Foreign Horses (LoC)

1 Gibeonite Trickery (Pa)

1 Korah’s Rebellion

1 Treason! Treason! (LoC)


1 Scapegoat (PoC)

1 Asherah Pole (LoC)

1 Golden Calf (FoM)

1 New Covenant (Jeremiah)

1 Oath of Purity (LoC)

1 You Will Remain (CoW AB)

1 The First Sacrifice

1 All the Curses (LoC)

1 Wasting Disease (PoC)

1 Uzzah

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