Have you ever wondered why we have so many errata’s? Why we’ve changed rules year after year? Why I can discard a hand of 0 cards? Here in Combo Corner, I’m going to attempt to answer those questions to the best of my ability, using my knowledge of the history of the game to fuel those discussions.

Do you have a burning question? Message me and I’ll see what I can do to answer it!
Here’s a list of topics that I’m planning on discussing already. From now until next Monday we’re taking votes on the forums to determine which topic I’ll start with! Be sure to tune back next week for the big reveal!

  • A new beginning for A New Beginning?
  • Why was there so much Sin in the Camp?
  • What was the Devastator anyway?
  • My way or the Highway?
  • Who raised the Gates of Hell?


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One thought on “Combo Corner – The Winds of Change

  1. Evan

    I just want to make the point that discarding a hand of 0 cards makes perfect sense to me, regardless of combos.

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