This year we are going to try doing a community wide card swap for the Christmas season. I had this idea pop in my head a few weeks back, and I think it could be really fun! Obviously, this will be better with the more participants we get, so spread the word and encourage your friends and playgroup members to participate.

This Card Swap will be similar to a blind trade, so to speak. The guidelines/rules to participate are listed below. Please ensure you are able and willing to follow these guidelines before signing up to participate.

  • Each participant will select a minimum of 3 cards from “The Early Church” forward (New Card Face).
  • The 3 minimum cards that you select will contain at least 1 Rare/Promo and the others can be commons or any other rarity you choose.
  • If you wish to send more than 3 cards, that is fine and possibly even encouraged, just make sure at least 1 is a Rare or Promo.
  • We will handle signups and gather addresses and names. After the signup period closes, we will provide each participant with a name/address of another participant to mail your cards to.
  • The person you send your cards to will not necessarily be who is sending cards to you.
  • The only cost for this is the cards you choose and the shipping costs for you to mail your cards.
  • Ensure cards are either in a top loader or are packaged in a way that they will not get creased and/or otherwise damaged in shipping. Please avoid plain cards thrown into an envelope.
  • Signups will be open from the time of posting until December 14th.
  • All cards should be packaged and placed into the mail service by December 16th. It is important to do this in order to make sure cards are received before Christmas.
  • To sign up, simply send a dm with your name and address to me on the boards or discord @jhendrix6426 or you can email me directly at

Feel free to get creative and include a Christmas card and/or other items as a Christmas gift to your fellow players. Perhaps a new pack of card sleeves or deck box. Write out a few encouraging words or a written prayer for the person you are sending cards to. It is the Christmas season after all, so share some joy with your Redemption family!

And again, if you have an abundance of cards and want to share more, feel free to go above the 3-card minimum to bless someone. We chose to keep it low to make it easier for players with limited card collections to still be able to participate, but you have free reign to do more if you wish to.

To buy singles, sealed product, and other gaming supplies, please visit Three Lions Gaming!

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