This weeks Redemption with Jayden video features a lightning fast Postexilic deck piloted by Jayden that won a recent online tournament. Check out the first game and write up here.

Online tournaments are back in action and the first one of the reboot happened last Saturday. We ended up with 6 players in T1-2P and 2 players in LoC Only, it was a lot of fun, and many thanks to both Chris and Marcus for hosting and judging. I played T1-2P and decided to take my Postexilic deck out for a spin. If you haven’t seen the deck before, you can check out this video where I talk about the deck and play a game with it against Mike Lasky. I did make a few changes to the deck since then so you’ll find an updated decklist below and in the video intro I’ll discuss the changes and why I made them. Since we had 6 players, we ended playing 3 rounds and each of my opponents were willing to let me record our games so they’ll be uploaded in order over the course of the next few days and I hope you guys enjoy them!

Since recording “paper” games is a new format for my channel, I’m certainly open to suggestions if there’s anything that would make the videos smoother and easier to see what’s going on. Unfortunately the layout on Zoom is relatively limiting, so there isn’t a good spot with open space in the video for card pop-ups, but I did my best to briefly include the card images as they were played so that they wouldn’t be too much in the way but you can still pause the video and read the card if you need a refresher. It is a little hard to tell in the editing process how big the images should be so that they’re clearly visible on YouTube, so that should be improved for next time and, like I said, suggestions are welcome! Thanks for trying this out with me!

Deck: 50

1    Lost Soul (Covet)
1    Lost Soul (Darkness) (Promo)
1    Lost Soul (Distressed)
1    Lost Soul (Exiles)
1    Lost Soul (Hunter)
1    Lost Soul (Prosperity)
1    Lost Soul (Remnant)
1    Lost Soul (Hopper) (FoM)

1    Guardian Of Your Souls (RoJ AB)
1    Son of God (Promo 2018)
1    The Second Coming (CoW AB)
1    Chronicles of the Kings (LoC)
1    Three Woes (RoJ AB)
1    Falling Away (Wo)
1    Mayhem (FoM)

1    Delivered

1    Majestic Heavens (Promo)

1    Book of the Covenant (PoC)
1    Endless Treasures

1    Zerubbabel’s Temple (LoC)

1    Flying Scroll

1    Eliud, the Revolutionary / Eliud, the Pious (LoC)
1    Joshua, the Conqueror (LoC)
1    Matthan, the Defender / Matthan, the Denigrated (LoC)
1    David, Outcasts’ Refuge / David, the Anointed (LoC)
1    Jehoshaphat, the Seeker / Jehoshaphat, the Meek (LoC)
1    Ezra, Favored by God (LoC)
1    Zechariah, the Renewer
1    Achim, the Compiler / Achim, the Talmid (LoC)
1    Jacob, Disgruntled Subject / Jacob, Relegated Servant (LoC)
1    Zerubbabel, the Chosen / Zerubbabel, the Builder (LoC)
1    Haggai (PoC)
1    The Angel Under the Oak
1    Joiada, Son of Eliashib

1    Reverence and Awe (CoW AB)
1    Feast of Booths (LoC)
1    Feast of Trumpets (LoC)
1    The Emmaus Road
1    Triumphal Entry
1    Impartial Judgment (LoC)
1    Solomon’s Dream (LoC)
1    Zerubbabel’s Plumb Line (LoC)
1    A Soldier’s Prayer

1    Foreign Wives
1    Profane Daughters
1    The Serpent (Promo)
1    Damsel with Spirit of Divination (TxP)
1    The Deceiver (RoJ AB)

1    Balaam’s Prophecy
1    Death of Unrighteous (FoM)

Reserve: 10

1    Noah’s Ark (Ark of Salvation)
1    Covenant with Abraham (PoC)
1    Oath of Purity (LoC)
1    Eleazar, the Potentate / Eleazar, the Vassal (LoC)
1    Jeshua, the Restorer (LoC)
1    The Angel of the Winds (CoW AB)
1    Jordan Interrupted (PoC)
1    The Acts of Solomon
1    Unsuccessful (PoC)
1    Uzzah

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