Today we are relaunching our devotionals on Land of Redemption! One of the things that makes Redemption so unique in its gameplay is that the actual card abilities and interactions can replay and point us back to the stories and themes that inspired them!

My love for Redemption comes out of my love for the Bible. Here’s the line of reasoning behind each devotional:

Redemption Devotions

  1. Why does this card have this ability?
  2. What is the story behind it?
  3. What can I learn from it?

Asa was the third king of Judah. God would use him to spark a revival in the land, but that victorious scene was set against a very dark backdrop. His ancestors pursued false gods and perverse acts of worship. His grandma Maacah had set herself up as a leader and even built an Asherah Pole to promote worship of the idol. Grandpa Rehoboam did nothing about it, nor did his father Abijah. Judah had forgotten the Lord their God.

But when Asa became king, he stood up boldly and took action! As reflected by his ability, he sent away the perverse men who had gathered to worship idols, and he removed Maacah from her royal position. He chopped down the Asherah Pole, and burned it in the Kidron valley.

Asa was humble, he sought God’s protection and provision. When he was “meek”, he “drew” from God’s strength and not his own.

During his reign, a man named Zerah the Ethiopian gathered an Army of a Million Men. These villains, just as the cards that represent them, would be quite intimidating to meet in battle. Asa only had an army of 3,000! At other times, Asa let fear drive him to cowering and paying tribute (1 King 15:18). But in this moment, Asa humbled himself before the Lord. When all seemed hopeless, he knew where to find hope. Allow me to share Asa’s own prayer word for word, and let that be our inspiration today!

…Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, Lord our God, for we rely on you, and in your name we have come against this vast army. Lord, you are our God; do not let mere mortals prevail against you.” 2 Chronicles 14:11

God gave Judah the battle that day, and the army fled before them! Asa remembered where his victory came from, and drew his strength from God, and God alone.

Questions to Consider

What are some habits that can be hard to break?

When have you seen someone stand up for what’s right when others did not?

How could you draw from God’s strength (and not your own) this week?

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