Let’s face it, things change – whether we want them to or not. We all have things in our lives that are constantly changing, and we must adapt to those changes or get left behind the changing times.

Just look at the scope of this year and how things have changed to keep up with the Covid-19 pandemic. A year ago, no one in the general public was worried about social distancing or face coverings, but now it’s every where around us. Simply put, life has changed and businesses and other public entities have had to adapt in order to remain open with new laws that have been put in place to try to keep communities as safe as possible. The fact is, as life moves forward, things change and its up to us to respond and adapt to stay current.

Our game of Redemption is no different. Things are constantly changing within the competitive meta. Those changes can come in the form of new cards being released, a new combo coming to light, or perhaps change comes in the form of ruling updates such as the change to ignore or cascade negate. Now responding to those changes causes us to adapt our strategies and deck building to work within them and their affect on the current meta of the game. However, there is still value to be had by knowledge of the past.

Understanding and adapting to change is important in all walks of life. But looking back to the past is often beneficial and can offer insight that you may not be aware of and also broaden your scope of current situations and their impact on what once was. So as we navigate through changes in our game and how they impact the current state of Redemption, we’d like to also re-visit and feature some articles from throughout the history of LoR that we believe can still be relevant to the current times and offer some thought provoking concepts that maybe you haven’t thought about in a while.

For this Throwback Thursday, we’d like to feature the series Gabe titled “Know Your Role” all the way back in 2015. The series has some card and deck examples that will not be as meta relevant these days, but the thoughts behind them are still valid. Use this series to get you thinking about how your role changes within the games you play and how you should be thinking about that from the deck building stage forward. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Know Your Role – Part 1

Know Your Role – Part 2

Know Your Role – Part 3

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