Top Cut Savvy is a weekly podcast hosted and produced by John Earley and Josiah Beers. In today’s feature John and Josiah discuss two of the most popular decks in recent memory – Flood and Throne. Join them as they occasionally rabbit trail and talk about epic tournaments and clutch plays. Subscribe

Top Cut Savvy – Episode 3

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One thought on “Top Cut Savvy – “Nugget” is the Art of the Bluff

  1. Zac Cornell

    For the record, i also ran soul control running a 56 card deck, hormah with 3-liner and site sharer, and just a hiring. I’m not saying luck wasn’t also a factor, as it is with any game of Redemption, but I did try to make sure I didn’t have souls on the table and didn’t draw when I didn’t have souls (and drew like the dickens when I did). Also John you would have totally beat me if we faced in top cut, no question

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