When can we get our hands on Lineage of Christ cards? Do we get new State and Regional promos this year? Are two Redemption “pros” about to drop some serious knowledge on the community? Are there still any LoC cards that haven’t been revealed? Learn about all of this and more in today’s news update!

Lineage of Christ

If you’ve been following the LoC previews on the forums and Redemption Discord then you know that the all 258 (including Legacy Rare) cards have been revealed. So when can we get our hands on these amazing new cards? According to Cactus Game Design we can hope to have these cards in our hands by late March or early April.

Did I say that we’ve revealed all 258 cards cards? That’s only partially true. There will be two versions of each of the 6 ultra rare cards in Lineage of Christ. Two thirds of the copies of each ultra rare card will have the “standard” art and be labeled as UR. But 1 out of every 3 copies of each ultra rare card will have alternate art and be labeled as UR+!!! The leadership team has chosen not to reveal the images of the alternate art UR+ cards so that players can experience them for the first time when opening packs.

Dropping Knowledge

Redemption veterans and multiple time National Champions John Earley and Josiah Beers have put together an all new podcast for the Redemption community! They’re calling it “Top Cut Savvy” and the first couple episodes have already been delivered! It sounds like they will try to have a new episode for us every Monday – starting February 10th.

What better way to take your game to the next level than to glean knowledge from some of the game’s all time greats!!!

Resource Updates

All of our resources in the Cards and Rules page have been brought up to date. That means all of the LoC information is now available for download! The full LoC spreadsheet is there with all the card info. All the LoC images are in the album on our imgur account. And the full card list contains LoC information now.

In addition to correcting several errors that were reported this update has added all artist information to the spreadsheets. In many cases the artist information on the spreadsheet is “more correct” than the original cards which sometimes have errors or attribute a card to “artist unknown” and the artist has since been discovered.

We also have an all new Printable Downloads page. There you will find things like T1 and T2 deck list forms to help you prepare for a tournament. You can also get T1 and T2 Reserve sheets as well as some cool, customizable T1 Reserve List options. Lastly, you’ll find some Lost Soul tokens there if you’re someone who enjoys using Majestic Heavens.

Redemption Nationals 2020

This year’s National Tournament is being hosted in Hanover, PA on August 13th-15th. Nationals is always an amazing time of gaming and fellowship! You get to meet Redemption players from all around the country, play against people and strategies you’ve never seen before and be part of the camaraderie we share as a community. Check out Josiah’s announcement for all the details!

Upcoming Promos

This year we will get all new promos for State and Regional tournaments. At the State level postexilics Heroes will gain a powerful new Hero! At the Regional level Canaanites and demons will gain a powerful new Evil Character! I’ve also hear rumors that hosts of Local and District tournaments this summer will have the option to give out very nice tool for Daniel decks!

Keep an eye out on the forums and Discard for more information about these great new promos!

Lineage of Christ Categories

Whenever you host an official Redemption Tournament you’ll have the option to select Lineage of Christ Booster Draft and Lineage of Christ Constructed.

Lineage of Christ Booster Draft functions just like a normal booster draft except that it uses 6 LoC “Super Packs” that contain 10 LoC cards each. Players can bring non-LoC meek Lost Souls. Hosts can choose between the 2-Player and Multi-Player formats.

Lineage of Christ Constructed follows Type 1 deck building and tournament rules except that only cards from the LoC set are allowed (any card with red “blood drop” set symbol). That includes the Dominants and Lost Souls. This category is only played in a 2-Player format.

In addition to all the fun you have playing in these new formats, each participant will receive a special Loc promo. There are 6 new LoC promos available for the host to choose from when they register for the tournament. You’ll find more details about those 6 promos in our resources section mentioned above.

That’s all the news we have for you today. There’s a lot of great things going on in the game right now. There’s never been a better time to be part of Redemption!

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    This is really exciting news all around. Especially the UR+ cards. From a collectors standpoint those are going to be fun to hunt for and find!

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