An offense that focuses on using all meek Heroes might be the strongest offense in LoC. It certainly provides the most depth and variety of any LoC offense since you can build a meek offense around any of the 4 main brigades or blend Heroes from all the eras to use the “best of the best”.

The offense I’m about to share was designed to test out the most broken card in LoC – Love at First Sight. At the time this deck was designed, LaFS was territory class. In an attempt to balance it there was a requirement that it had to be the first Enhancement you used for the turn.

This deck lets you play down your entire hand and it can usually pull LaFS from the deck very quickly to give you a quick 8 card burst. Obviously we found that to be too abusive so territory class was remove and the limitation was lifted. It’s still a strong card that can give you a nice boost.

A few of the Heroes are the type that get to use their SA and convert to meek as a result. The “balance” of that type of Hero is that they only get to use the SA once, but bounce effects help you abuse that.

The Reserve contains most of your battle winning Enhancements although sometimes they aren’t even needed thanks to things like Noah, Windows of Narrow Light and Goshen.

Assyrians were the only defense I hadn’t tested by the time I built this so they were included by default. They worked pretty well since they are strong in their own right. Plus cards like King’s Weakness had synergy on both offense and defense.

Here’s a take on the “all meek” offense paired with Assyrians:


  • Chronicles of the Kings
  • Ride on Victoriously / Awesome Things
  • Doubt
  • Led Astray

Lost Souls

  • 4x Lost Soul (Proverbs 21:16)
  • Lost Soul (II Chronicles 28:19) (Unfaithful)
  • Lost Soul (II Samuel 23:6) (thorns)
  • Lost Soul (Jeremiah 3:25) (shame)

Support Cards

  • Book of the Law
  • Matthew’s Begats
  • Windows of Narrow Light
  • Goshen
  • Threshing Floor
  • Wall of Protection
  • Assyrian Camp
  • King’s Weakness
  • The Lord Delivers! / Am I a Dog?


  • Father Abraham / Faithful Abraham
  • Jotham, the Mighty / Jotham, the Upright
  • Jacob, Follower of God / Israel, Retainer of God
  • Rahab, the Defender / Rahab, the Proselyte
  • Noah, the Righteous / Noah (Rest and Comfort)
  • Isaac, Willing Sacrifice / Isaac, the Blessed
  • Joseph, the Righteous / Joseph, the Carpenter
  • Mary, Faithful Servant / Mary, Mother of Christ
  • David, Heart After God / David, the Contrite
  • Obed, the Servant / Obed, the Gift

Good Enhancements

  • Root of Jesse
  • Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • Judah’s Intervention
  • Abraham’s Descendant
  • David’s Descendant
  • Solomon’s Dream
  • Love at First Sight

Evil Characters

  • Assyrian Forces
  • The Tartan
  • The Rab-saris
  • The Rabshakeh
  • Assyrian Ambassador
  • King Sennacherib
  • Assyrian Officer

Evil Enhancements

  • Worship of Nisroch
  • Invoking Terror
  • The Rabshakeh’s Threats
  • Hooked and Shackled
  • Sennacherib Blasphemes
  • Offer of Exile


  • Amminadab, the Generous / Amminadab, the Gracious
  • Your God Will Be My God
  • The Lord Provides
  • Israel’s Bow
  • David’s Triumph
  • Assyrian Affliction
  • Beasts of the Earth
  • Hired Sword
  • Foreign Horses
  • Captured by Assyria

You can view all of the spoiled LoC card images in their final (sent to print) form in our Lineage of Christ imgur album. Additional cards will be added as they are spoiled. Some of the cards from this deck have yet to be spoiled so our team will work on revealing those over the next few days.

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