The very first LoC play test deck I built was kings of Judah. I was really excited by the prospect of meek Lost Souls actually being viable. This started as a type 1 deck but since most of the content was LoC it easily converted to a LoC constructed deck.

Because of all of the dual alignment kings this offense/defense pairing probably has the most synergy of any pairing on LoC. But it can make for some pretty tough choices deciding whether to play your kings as good or evil. It also hurts a little that you have less options for meek Heroes.

Because this is one of the first decks I tested, many of the cards on this list actually changed considerably from the time I played this deck to the final printed version. I haven’t gone back over the list but it’s possible that some of the cards aren’t the optimal choice anymore.

I was pretty happy with how the meek Lost Soul cards played out. The extra drawing and Lost Soul manipulation all felt pretty strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if a kings of Judah defense based around meek Lost Souls makes a strong showing this year.

The deck you’ve all been waiting for – “King Me”!


  • Chronicles of the Kings
  • Ride on Victoriously / Awesome Things
  • Doubt
  • Led Astray

Lost Souls

  • 7x Lost Soul (Proverbs 21:16)

Support and Dual Alignment

  • Gates of Jerusalem
  • High Places
  • The Thone of David
  • Solomon, the Wise / Solomon, the Idolater
  • Azariah, the Strong / Uzziah, the Proud
  • Joash, Child King / Joash, the Murderer
  • Manasseh, the Humbled / Manasseh, the Wicked
  • Amaziah, the Just / Amaziah, the Arrogant
  • Abijah, the Conqueror / Abijam, the Half-Hearted
  • Acts of Manasseh
  • Torn Kingdom


  • Jotham, the Mighty / Jotham, the Upright
  • Josiah, the Restorer / Josiah, the Righteous
  • David, Outcasts’ Refuge / David, the Anointed
  • Asa, the Upright / Asa, the Blameless
  • Jehoshaphat, the Seeker / Jehoshaphat, the Meek
  • Hezekiah, the Devout / Hezekiah, the Repentant

Good Enhancements

  • Root of Jesse
  • Sling Stones
  • Appointing Judges
  • The Lord’s Charge
  • Spears
  • Feast of Booths
  • Counsel of Abigail
  • David’s Descendant

Evil Characters

  • Rehoboam, the Divider
  • Ahaz, the Unfaithful
  • Jehoram, the Abhorred
  • Athaliah, Usurper Queen
  • Queen Maacah
  • Amon, the Forsaken
  • Ahaziah, the Wicked
  • Jehoiachin, the Conquered

Evil Enhancements

  • Destroying Bands
  • Foreign Horses
  • Turncoat
  • Return the Captives
  • Treason! Treason!
  • Solomon’s Oppression


  • Asherah Pole
  • Book of the Law
  • Household Idols
  • King’s Signet Ring
  • All the Curses
  • Murder in the Temple
  • Hired Sword
  • Josiah’s Covenant
  • Bathsheba, the Helper / Bathsheba, the Prostrate
  • Royal Parade

You can view all of the spoiled LoC card images in their final (sent to print) form in our Lineage of Christ imgur album. Additional cards will be added as they are spoiled. Some of the cards from this deck have yet to be spoiled so our team will work on revealing those over the next few days.

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