The third Lineage of Christ constructed deck I’m sharing with you was easily one of my favorites. Ever since the I/J starter deck I’ve enjoyed the small Ruth theme. For years now I looked forward to this set and our opportunity to expand the depth of the good Ruth cards.

The strength of the Ruth offense is in the characters. It has a few strong territory class guys that give the battling Heroes good support. Once protected behind Threshing Floor those territory class characters can be fairly reliable.

The quick burst of speed provided by Elimelech gets the offense going. Strong Heroes like David, Boaz, Ruth and Amminadab were often the core of my rescuing team.

The gray defense is the least cohesive of the single brigade options in LoC because it’s split between Moabites and Syrians. But it’s still quite effective! The hand control elements as well as the banding provide it the strength it needs to keep up.

Here’s my white Ruth and gray hand control play test deck:


  • Chronicles of the Kings
  • Ride on Victoriously / Awesome Things
  • Doubt
  • Led Astray

Lost Souls

  • 4x Lost Soul (II Chronicles 24:19)
  • Lost Soul (II Chronicles 28:19) (Unfaithful)
  • Lost Soul (II Samuel 23:6) (thorns)
  • Lost Soul (Jeremiah 3:25) (shame)

Support Cards

  • Threshing Floor
  • Bethlehem
  • Land of Moab
  • Moabite Camp
  • Forbidden Marriage
  • Naomi’s Blessing / Heartbroken


  • Rahab, the Defender / Rahab, the Proselyte
  • David, Heart After God / David, the Contrite
  • Boaz, the Redeemer / Boaz, the Kind
  • Boaz’ Reapers
  • Amminadab, the Generous / Amminadab, the Gracious
  • Ruth, the Redeemed / Ruth, the Devoted
  • Salmon, the Cloaked / Salmon, the Peaceful
  • Jesse, the Ephrathite / Jesse, the Root
  • Boaz’ Foreman
  • Elimelech
  • Obed, the Servant / Obed, the Gift

Good Enhancements

  • Root of Jesse
  • Your God Will Be My God
  • Boaz’ Offspring
  • Ruth’s Vow
  • Royal Parade
  • Shared Meal
  • Harvest Season
  • Preparing to Return

Evil Characters

  • Army of a Million Men
  • Aliens
  • Captain of the Chariots
  • King Hazael
  • Moabite Messenger
  • Rezon, Son of Eliada
  • Syrian Marauders
  • Syrian Archer

Evil Enhancements

  • Murder in the Temple
  • Speak Favorably
  • Destroying Bands
  • Vulnerable
  • Call Me “Mara”
  • Famine in the Land


  • Nahshon, the Blacksmith / Nahshon, the Oracle
  • Marriage Covenant
  • Boaz’ Resolve
  • Feast of Trumpets
  • Book of the Law
  • Stalks of Flax
  • Unrepentant Moabites
  • Ambushed Moabites
  • Mercenary Chariots
  • Gold Shield

You can view all of the spoiled LoC card images in their final (sent to print) form in our Lineage of Christ imgur album. Additional cards will be added as they are spoiled. Some of the cards from this deck have yet to be spoiled so our team will work on revealing those over the next few days.

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