We have so much to be thankful for this year! None of us have to look very far to find dozens of reasons to praise God for all the blessings around us. He gives generously to the saint and sinner alike. At the Land of Redemption, we’re thankful for all of the excitement Redemption fans have generated for the soon-to-be largest Redemption set ever released – Lineage of Christ!

If you’re a Redemption history buff, I know what you’re thinking… Priests has 251 cards and the official announcement cited Lineage of Christ at 240 cards counting the 18 Legacy cards. You’re correct, but bear with me.

We’re designing and testing LoC with the desire for it to be the best booster draft experience Redemption has ever offered! It’s difficult to enjoy an all LoC booster draft experience if each pack contains 5 new cards and 10 old cards. Ideally we would be able to create a way for players to draft only LoC cards so they can fully appreciate a set designed with booster draft in mind.

“It’s difficult to enjoy an all LoC booster draft experience if each pack contains 5 new cards and 10 old cards.”

Do you know what else I’m thankful for? Rob Anderson listens to the players and his leadership team!

Many behind the scenes discussions have taken place to make the dream a reality. For the first time since Redemption switched to “print on demand” we will be able to obtain packs with only new cards!

These “new” packs will contain 2 of the 5 “new card” sleeves that we’re used to from the standard packs. Hence each of these new packs will contain 1 rare, 1 rare/ultra rare and 8 commons for a total of 10 new cards . The retail price of these all new packs is $8.

I’m really excited for how this will impact LoC booster drafts, that I can get my new cards without filling boxes full of old ones and about what this means for the game’s future!

Also, Cactus will still offer players the traditional packs with 5 new cards (1 rare/ultra rare and 4 commons) along with 10 old cards (we don’t know what these will be yet) for the retail price of $5.

With the increase in the number of cards per pack we felt like the commons were going to be too common. When Rob asked if we could increase the number of commons in the set by 18, we jumped at the chance! The Line of Christ has jumped to 240 new cards plus 18 Legacy cards for a total of 258 cards!!!

“When Rob asked if we could increase the number of commons in the set by 18, we jumped at the chance!”

More cards in LoC means that we have more cards we need to preview. Just in case you need something else to be thankful for, how about a few previews to add to the list?

Early in the design of LoC we discussed using a new card type called a “Camp”. It turns out that the name didn’t stick, but the combination of a fortress and a character did.

The group of Jesus’ descendants that span from the time of the Babylonian exile until the New Testament required us to define a new term – postexilic. The postexilic Heroes have been assigned the gold brigade. We even have a couple postexilic Heroes that aren’t from the lineage.

We’re going to see weapons in abundance this year. Almost every theme in LoC is getting at least one new weapon. Some are getting several!

The Edomites may never be to the crimson brigade what the Babylonians are but they might come into their own this season.

We haven’t revealed any of the Legacy cards yet. How about we kick those off by sharing a card that can be used in the same deck as the prior version?

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I hope you’re as thankful as I am for all of the exciting things happening in Redemption!

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3 thoughts on “Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

  1. Kevin Peters

    I have an idea for a set of cards called “Gates” and “Walls”. These could be placed on cities, sites, and/or fortresses. This class would be largely defensive in nature. Aside from obvious protect abilities on the cards upon which they’re placed, once could also “man” the walls with defensive units such as Archers (activated in battle when attacked or could be used to “deflect” cards played on targets outside of battle, resulting in the defensive units being discarded). What do you think of the idea?

  2. Joey Shivers

    Alright I’ll take the bait, what’s bounce?

    Super excited to see the news, thanks for all the hard work guys, let me know if I can help with anything!

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