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About JoshK

Josh began his Redemption journey around early 2006 after his brother received G & H decks and some loose packs as a Christmas gift. While he used to be quite an active player, nowadays there isn’t as much time for Redemption, as that gig has all but disappeared from WI. Still, he finds time to attend larger out-of-state tourneys for the great people who are more than half of the reason Redemption has lasted this long. He has a penchant for building T1 decks and thinking of new cards. Booster is his favorite category (and it should be yours, too!). "Played red before 2011" - Josh Knitt (Kuh-nitt)

Creating a Card: The World I Know

If you’ve read my article about The Ends of the Earth here on Land o’ Redemption, you’ll recall my mentioning that Ends wasn’t my first submission for my winner card. This article will serve as an outline of the steps I took in designing the first card I submitted last year and the reasoning behind it. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

The End of Soul Drought

If you could make one card, how would you go about selecting which card to create? For an avid card creator like myself, it was not an easy process. Following Nationals, I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted to make. However, there was a slight problem. As it was, the first card I proposed was very similar to a card already on the list. Presented with the option of going forward with mine (and bumping the other off) or creating a different concept, I chose the latter.

If At First You Don’t Succeed (Two Out o’ Three Is Not Disagreeable)

A long time ago at a Nationals far, far away…

No, this isn’t the beginning of a certain sweeping space saga set some millennia past. This preamble hearkens back to Nats 2015 in TN. It was a tournament I hadn’t planned on attending at the start, but Nats booster is always appealing so I was drawn to it as the date got closer. The combination of drafting with new cards among such a large pool of players from everywhere makes for quite an enticing draw. So, after a win in MN Nats ‘14 the year before, I thought I’d brave the waters and make the journey south, to play once more.