Articles Written By: JD

About JD

JD loves playing Redemption! On any given day chances are you will find him playing on Lackey. He has played thousands of games with The Guardian, Gabe, ProfessorAlstad, Red, Minister Polarius, MitchRobStew, Jerome, Jbeers, JMHartz, Red Dragon Thorn, Xonathan, and many more fine Redemption players. He started playing Redemption in the year 2000 right around the release of Warriors and had a ton of fun playing with Daniel Huisinga. He got back into the game around the end of 2014 and has been playing competitively ever since. He's placed 1st at Local, District, State, Regional, and National Tournaments in various T1 categories. Catch him on Lackey or join our monthly ROOT tournament today!

T1-2P 1st Place Nationals 2017

First and foremost I want to thank Gabe and Jesse for hosting an amazing tournament, everyone who was able to make it this year, and our Lord Jesus Christ for blessing us with the life of His salvation by His grace and mercy to allow us to fellowship in His kingdom where there is Redemption as we are redeemed and saved!!

The Road to Nationals!

Are you ready for the tournament season? Seen anything you like in Revelation of John?

The meta is certainly sizzling with options and variety as Revelation of John has delivered many great offensive and defensive compliments with all seven of The Bowls of Wrath cards and versatile Seals.

Party Job

Job is a baller Hero and THE Regional promo this year. If you aren’t as excited as I am to play Job then you don’t know PARTY JOB!!

We know Job was a wealthy guy! He was living the dream and more! He had it all, but one day he lost everything! Wow!

Eternal Inheritance: TN State 2016

Welcome to the 2016 competitive Redemption season! The meta is on fire with new combos and a resurgence of cards which may have been in your binder for some time coming to the front of rescuing souls with the newly released set, Cloud of Witnesses!

Never before in the Redemption meta have I witnessed such a diverse collection of competitive decks, all with their own forms of versatility and viability. Cloud of Witnesses has brought us to the very forefront of Redemption action in battle as well as in strategy!