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Hidden Throne

Justin shares a report of his and his brother Jayden’s 2019 National Tournament TEAMS-winning experience – including their full decklists!

Lifetime RNRS Update 2015

In 2001, Redemption revamped it’s tournament structure. With that revamp came the implementation of the Redemption National Ranking System (RNRS). The goal of the RNRS system was to recognize and reward players that performed well at tournaments throughout the year.

December 2015 Tournament Report

This week’s article will be rather brief, at least compared to what’s normal for me. Last Saturday we had a District Redemption tournament in our area. I’d like to take a moment to share with you a summary of that event.

Teams Nationals 2015 1st Place – “Judges, Jars and ‘Gyptians”

I rarely play Teams. Most tournaments I attend run Teams at the same time as my favorite category other than T2-2P, Booster Draft, so I rarely have the chance. In the last 3 years after 2012 Nationals, when the esteemed Matt Brinkman and I ran a pair of 154-card monstrosities to capture 3rd place, I believe I played the category twice in tournaments: 2013 MW Regionals and 2014 Nationals, with little success in either. I was also not originally planning to play this year, but when my brother Justin decided that his success in the previous two days would suffice and he could step in as judge, I ended up teaming up with his planned partner, Martin Miller. Which is something like the Redemption equivalent of Venus Williams coming to you and saying that she will not be participating in a doubles tournament, so you can go ahead and team up with Serena.

Nationals 2015 Day 3 – Reflections From a Judge

Nationals 2015 was awesome for many reasons. Most importantly, I got to see many friends whom I had not seen in quite a while as well as meeting a few friends in person for the first time. Another thing that made it awesome was that Chris was an excellent host, and the only complaint I had about the facilities was that I kept losing my sense of direction in the hallways that all looked exactly the same—I think I finally figured them out, but then we left 15 minutes later…

Teams OH State 2015 1st place

These decks are variants of the deck I played at 2013 SE Regionals. I haven’t played much since then, and I had a lot of success with it both at the tournament and in 2013 ROOT. So I decided to tweak it for TEAMS.