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North Central Regionals Report: Part 1

Pat Wester did an outstanding job of hosting this year’s North Central Regional tournament. The facilities are amazing. If you attended the 2014 National Tournament you know what I’m talking about. Pat made sure everyone was accommodated and ran things smoothly despite some computer issues.

The fellowship of old friends and new ones was great. When we weren’t busy playing Redemption some people kept battling one another for rights to the Poké-gym at the church or helped one another find the rare Pokémon that kept popping up around the facilities. Even the legendary Chris Bany stopped by to say hi and take over the Poké-gym for a moment.

Lifetime RNRS Update 2015

In 2001, Redemption revamped it’s tournament structure. With that revamp came the implementation of the Redemption National Ranking System (RNRS). The goal of the RNRS system was to recognize and reward players that performed well at tournaments throughout the year.