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Healing? Why Not? – Part 1

With the release of The Serpent and his paralyze ability, I believe we might begin to see a new defensive strategy emerge as a viable option. In The Early Church set we gained a card in Adjourn that paralyzes Heroes and can win a battle by causing a stalemate. It stands to reason that more are on the way in future sets.

Apollos – Gentle Correction, Loving Companions

Today we’re going to jump forward to the New Testament to learn about a man named Apollos. But before we do, we need to meet some other folks. There are just some characters that you can’t dig into without first digging into the people that surround them.

In fact, just to get our brains in gear, let’s try out some examples. Take a minute and comment below with an answer for a couple of the blanks, but don’t hog them all (or as we might say in redemption, limit 3).

___ and Robin
___ and Tonto
___ and Chewbacca
___ and Dr. Watson
___ and Garfunkel
___, ___, ___, and the Human Torch
___ and Jerry
___ and Ernie
___ and Cher
___ and Lois Lane
___, ___, ___, and Donatello

These team-ups and duos exist in movies, in books, in cartoons, in music, and yes EVEN in the Bible…