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Tackling Type 2 Diversity Pt. 3

**Editors note: This article was submitted prior to Nationals but did not get published before the fun and festivities of Nationals began.

With the tournament season starting to come to close and Nationals upcoming here in a few weeks I thought I would go over an archetype that I used for most of the competitive season last year, including the offense that I used at Nationals last year: O.T. red. So, let’s get straight into it.

The BoM Deck

Is the “Because of Moses” (BoM) deck really that good or is it all just hype? I’m sure plenty of people have asked this question. I know I was wondering the same thing just a few short months ago. Now that the State, Regional and National tournaments are behind us, I think we have our answer. BoM is for real!

While I’ve dropped the names of some cards and alluded to others, the deck list wasn’t published in my State, Regional or even National reports. The time has come. First I’ll share the list, then give a detailed explanation of card choices below. Without further ado, here it is:

Achan – My Precious

Today as we look at the Old Testament, the Israelites are under the direction of the leader and judge named Joshua. He is still famous today for the mighty battle of Jericho; whose unbreakable walls were brought down by obeying God’s cool, yet strange, plan. But we don’t hear much about the battle of Ai, have you heard of it? Well in order to understand why “Ai” doesn’t show up at the top of Joshua’s resume, we’ll need to look at Jericho’s great battle first.