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Learning From Our Peers – Iconic

Communication and language can be a difficult thing to get right. If you’ve been playing Redemption for very long I’m sure you’ve noticed the progression of card wording over the years as the game’s creators have attempted to have cleaner wording.

Today we’re going to take a look at something that a lot of games have implemented that can help with clean wording and clear communication. Whether it’s a CCG, a board game, or something else that uses cards as one of it’s tools, most modern games make use of symbols in the card text.

Resources Are Live

I’m pleased to announce that our resources section is now live! If you haven’t noticed, it’s at the top right of our website. We will continue to build this out over time, but there are a number of features available already that you might find useful.

Booster Draft Walkthrough

Join us at a recent District Tournament for a step by step walkthrough of the Redemption booster draft.

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