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Coming soon to a City near you

In our first preview article for Fall of Man Gabe shared with us a basis in Genesis 3, Adam, Eve, and The Serpent. But that’s only the beginning of the story. After being expelled from the Garden and bearing children man began to expand. No longer having the protection of the garden, man needed a place to live.

Year of the Giant

Before learning to play Redemption many years ago, I wasn’t aware there were any giants in the Bible apart from Goliath. That’s one of the things I love about this game! The obscure characters and events that are sometimes represented really spark a curiosity to dig into God’s Word. I quickly learned about Lahmi, Isbhbibenob, and Saph. Later, the Twelve-Finger Giant came along. Those 5 are hardly the only giants mentioned in scripture though.

With five giants currently in the game and the upcoming Rapha promo, that gives us six giants all of whom are Philistine. But the Philistines weren’t the only nation noted to have giants. As we were fleshing out ideas during the set design, we quickly realized that this is going to be “The Year of the Giant”.

Browa’s Budget Bazaar – Justifying the Judges

Hello and welcome to Browa’s Budget Bazaar!

This article series is designed to provide quick and simple deck ideas in general, as well as for specific themes, that won’t be hard on your wallet! There will also be suggestions for those with more available funds on how to spruce up the deck.


Today’s Topic: Upgrading our Ruth/Judges deck from the very first article.

Today we’ll be using the I/J and G/H starter decks found in the 4th edition and 10th anniversary boxes respectively as well as Faith of our Fathers tin 2 and Rock of Ages tins 18 and 23.

Hearkening all the way back to the very first article in the Bazaar, which you can look at here, today we’re going to update our white/gold deck with some tins. As mentioned in the upgrade section for that deck, there isn’t much Ruth support outside the I/J decks so we’re going to remove the white part of our deck and make it a solid Judges offense. We’ll lose the recurring utility of the Ruth cards but we’ll gain access to several powerful cards including an awesome Fortress!