2015 National Tournament T2-2P 2nd Place Deck

Cards in Deck: 112 (including 4 Haman’s Plots)

Neutral: 28

Lost Souls: 17

Revealer x2
Female Only x2
Retribution x2
CBP x2
Shame x2
Resurrection x2
Thorns x2
Exchanger x2
Hopper x2

Sites: 1

Dragon Raid (P)

Artifacts: 9
Urim and Thummim
Lampstand of the Sanctuary
The Bronze Laver
Golden Cherubim
Holy Grail
Hezekiah’s Signet Ring
Gifts of the Magi
Stalks of Flax x2

Characters: 1

King Abijam

Good: 42

Dominants: 6

Son of God (J)
Angel of the Lord (J)
New Jerusalem (P)
Grapes of Wrath
Guardian of Your Souls
The Holy Spirit

Fortresses: 0

Covenants: 1
I am Holy

Heroes: 17
Samuel (RA) x2
Aaron (Di)
David (Green, WA)
Jair (RA)
Ehud (RA)
Moses (G)
Jephthah (J)
Eli the Priest (RA)
Gideon (UL)
Sower x2
Simeon (WA)
The Angel Under the Oak x2
Angel with the Secret Name
Captain of the Host

Enhancements: 17
Love (EC)
Sing and Praise (J), Removed after round 2 for torn Plot
Raising Lazarus (I)
Resurrection (Di)
Live Coal (FF)
Wheel within a Wheel (FF)
Eli’s Sound Advice x2
Provisions x2
Samuel’s Edict x3
Taking Egypt’s Wealth x2
Sword Against Sword

Evil: 42

Dominants: 7
Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy
Falling Away
Destruction of Nehushtan

Fortresses: 3
Gates of Jerusalem
High Places
Haman’s Gallows

Curses: 2
Covenant with Death
Plagued with Diseases

Evil Characters: 17
Foreign Wives
The Amalekite’s Slave
King Manasseh x2
King Rehoboam x2
King Amon x2
King Ahaz
King Zedekiah
Uzzah x2
Foul Spirit
King Saul (Brown, WA)
The Jeering Youths

Enhancements: 13
Haman’s Plot x4
Broken Cisterns x3
Gibeonite Trickery x3
Dungeon of Malchiah x2

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