Today Zach shares about Discord, an awesome communication tool for the Redemption community!

The What

What is this Discord thing all about?

Discord is a communication tool that brings us real-time text and voice chat with the official Redemption Discord server. A Discord server is made up of any number of channels. A channel is like a single chat room, to keep discussions about different topics separated.

For example, one of the channels we have set up is for finding someone to play online with. Want to play a game on Lackey? With Discord, you can quickly find a friend who can play, and you can join voice chat together right away through Discord instead of setting up a Skype call. It’s all built in!

Discord is built to give this kind of communication to gaming communities, and is used by millions of people! Even with that many users, Discord servers are fairly private in that nobody will find our server without coming to it through the links to it found here.

The Why

You might wonder… Redemption already has the forums, and we have Land of Redemption. Is it worth it to have yet another thing?

Discord gives us something that we don’t have at the forums or here at Land of Redemption. Discord gives us quick, real-time discussion. It gives us a mobile-friendly way to connect with each other. It gives us a place for quick, unstructured casual conversation. There’s something special about just saying hi to people in the community at the same time that lets us be together in a way the forums do not.

Can Discord replace the forums? By no means! We need to remember that the structured discussions the forums give us is much needed and can’t be replaced by Discord. It’s a different tool that just doesn’t compete or compare in that area.

One way I imagine Discord working together with the forums will be when someone has a quick question in Discord and can be pointed to a forum post that gives details on the answer. The chatter can be in Discord, while the helpful details can be in the forum. Similarly, a helpful discussion on Discord could be moved to the forum if it will be helpful to continue the specific discussion there.

The How

Join the Redemption Discord community today!

You can use Discord from a browser, mobile app, or desktop app. Create or sign in with your Discord account to join. Once you are there, say hi!

See you there!

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