Today Josh shares the rest of the not-yet-seen phase 2 cards, which will complete the entire Prophecies of Christ set!

Welcome, everyone! We are wrapping up spoiler season this week. Today we will take a look at the last four minor prophets. No need for formalities; let’s jump right in!

Amos comes with a powerful Star ability that allows you to put a Lost Soul in play from a deck. This can be used to generate souls for you to attack for – and taking a peek at what your opponent is playing is always a good thing. Same as the Awake Lost Soul and Melchizedek, you still have the flexibility to search your own deck if you really want to get one of your own Lost Souls in play. This ability is especially good when you find Amos in your starting hand.

Amos’ regular ability only works if your opponent has board advantage, meaning they have more cards in play and set-aside area than you do. But if his ability triggers, he can get you back in the game in a hurry! You get to shuffle up to X of opponent’s cards, where X is the number of minor prophets you have in play. You can use Amos to catch your board up if you are behind, and with a banding enhancement, Amos can be brought into battle as a “battlewinner”. He can even be a sneaky block if you are using King Rehoboam on defense.

Note that Amos can’t be negated if a king of Israel is in play. As with most other minor prophets, there’s a reward if you build your deck to include the other characters contemporary with Amos. With a top-tier Star ability and a versatile Ahimelek-like regular ability, Amos comes in at Rare in Prophecies of Christ.

You might notice that Haggai has no Star ability. That’s because his book has no Messianic prophecies in it. Never fear though – his regular ability has a lot going on! Haggai’s old ability let you search your deck for Zerubbabel’s Temple; now he can play any good OT Fortress straight from your Reserve. He can even recur one from your discard pile if a Persian is in play.

Haggai’s band ability is wide-ranging and includes Zechariah, a potential FBTN hero. Alternatively, you can forego the band to take a card from the top X cards of your deck (based on your minor prophets, of course). All of this comes wrapped in a Can’t Be Negated present! Haggai also comes in at Rare.

Joel has a powerful Star ability similar to Divination and Faith of Isaac. He can only filter your deck, though – you don’t get to take a card.

Joel’s ability allows you to negate evil and neutral cards, increasing with the number of minor prophets you have in play. With his 2/3 stats and the ability to prevent characters like King of Tyrus and Roman Spearmen, Joel is a great character for initiative. Like Amos, Joel also works well if brought into battle with a band ability. If an opponent’s ability is causing special initiative, interrupting the battle and banding in Joel can serve as a negate. Joel also is CBN if a king of Judah is in play. Joel is a Common in Prophecies of Christ.

Obadiah, like Haggai, has no Star ability due to no Messianic prophecies in his short 1-chapter book. At 1/4, Obadiah is even better than Joel at getting initiative to play your Green enhancements.

Obadiah can discard an evil card from an opponent’s Reserve, similar to some of the Star abilities found on other Prophecies of Christ cards. Alternatively, he can purge evil cards from a discard pile to prevent recursion of those cards if needed. Obadiah can band to any minor prophet, too. His ability is CBN if an OT Crimson human is in play. Crimson is a pretty popular defense these days, and even Foreign Wives will make him CBN. Obadiah, like Joel, is a Common card in Prophecies of Christ.

Well, that wraps up the minor prophets from Phase 2! Will they be a top tier offense in the upcoming tournament season? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Last Modified: April 12, 2019

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